How To Spy On a Cheating Husband with Software and Gadgets

No one wants to believe that their spouse is cheating on them. But if your husband is suddenly distant from you, working over time that his paycheck does not reflect or making excuses to get away for a few hours, you may have to accept the fact that he could have someone on the side. Your first instinct is to confront him about his affair. That doesn’t really solve anything. He is going to deny it and you have no proof. Besides this could tip him off and he would start covering his tracks, destroying evidence. Sure you could point out the extra hours, the overnight conventions, the sudden interest to play night golf but those can easily be explained away by a man who is quick on his feet. If you need to know for sure, there are a couple of easy, inexpensive ways to keep a closer eye on your husband without him ever knowing about it.

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The first place to look for such proof is the computer your husband uses. Nowadays most people have a personalcomputer. If your husband has a computer that he uses for all personal and business transactions, that can be your target. There are two basic types of software that can be used to spy on a cheating husband without him even knowing about it. All it takes is a few minutes alone with his computer and you are up and running. Keystroke Loggers can create a record of everything that is typed on the computer whether it is in an email, instant message or search engine. These records become available to you by way of email or a restricted site that you can check on at your leisure and scan through all the mundane information until you find what you are really looking for. Such software also takes screenshots for you to see. They have a lot of comprehensive functionality that will assist you when you want to spy on your cheating husband.

If this doesn’t work, there is another set of programs called spyware. This program will monitor everything that is done on the computer from what emails are sent and received to a list of what URLs are being accessed. While both of these technologies are often advertised as free, you should expect to pay for it. Most keystroke loggers cost between $30 - $100 with the average price being around $60. A decent Spyware program will end up running you about $80 - $150 depending on which software you opt for. All of these programs claim to be easy to install taking only minutes and are usually difficult to detect. Ensure that you're buying the right software for this purpose.

If hacking into your husband’s computer and adding programs to it sounds tough, there are easier ways out. You can install a GPS tracking system on the car your husband drives. This is a box that is attached to his car. Then from your home computer or a laptop you can see exactly where he is at with a push of a button. Did he say he would be at the office but his car is parked outside an apartment complex? Is he suppose to be spending the weekend with his sister up in Ohio but his car never made it past Tennessee? These devices are much cheaper and easier that hiring someone to follow every move your husband makesand you can then confront him with a record of him movements once you're convinced he has been cheating. Starting costs for something like this appears to be around $199 and they go up quite a bit after that. However, in the long run it could really be worth it. Following his movements could either show you once and for all that you have nothing to worry about or that he is up to no good.

You can also make use of high tech technologies available for surveillance such as digital cameras and recorders to spy on your husband. The digital cameras available today are easy to install, easy to hide and easy to access. From the size of an ink pen or random button, a digital camera can be hidden and installed virtually anywhere in the house. Wonder what’s going on in the house while you are at work? Just log on to your designated web site and watch your cameras in real time. Is he in the kitchen making himself a sandwich or does he have the neighbor up on the counter? With a couple of clicks you can follow him from room to room without him ever knowing.

Digital recording technologies have made great strides in the past couple of years. There are now digital recorders small enough to hide in a pocket that can record every conversation he has during the day that will help you spy on your husband. They have become small enough to hide in watches, tie tacks or lapel pins. You can buy your husband a nice accessory to wear to work every day and then download the voice recordings every night while he is in the shower or even on your laptop sitting in a coffee shop. Sorting through all the usual stuff that goes on during the day could prove tedious and boring but if you come across the conversation that confirms your suspicions, it could be time well spent.

In a worst case scenario, evidence of your husband cheating on you could help you in divorce court. So spying on your husband may be a smart move.

Before you go through all the time and expense of spying on your husband consider whether you have enough reason to suspect him of cheating. If you do decide to go through all this trouble to find out that he is still the same loyal man you married you could feel guilty about such a thorough invasion of his privacy. Try to look for other reasons for problems that lead you to believe he is having an affair. If you honestly can not think of another reason, then by all means find out the truth for yourself.