Gifts for Aries Women


The first sign of the Zodiac calendar, Aries includes all those born from 20th March to 20th April. The women, like the men of this sign, are attracted to action and independence. Thus when choosing gifts for Aries women, think of something that will cater to their sizzling energy and love of life and you are unlikely to go wrong.

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Anything fun

Aries are fun-loving people which is why women of this zodiac will appreciate any gesture or gift that makes for an enjoyable evening. Take her to her favorite bowling alley where you both can have a rollicking time throwing pins or perhaps head for a classy nightclub where she can dance the night away. Paintball throwing is another great idea if you are looking to treat her with a fun evening or you both could even go to the zoo where you may find your Aries woman becoming a little girl all over again, full of curiosity, eagerness and laughter.  In winter when outdoor date options are limited because of the snow all around, treat your Aries girlfriend to a session of tobogganing on the slopes. It will not only be great fun to go back to the games of childhood but can even be hugely romantic with both you and your partner frolicking in the snow together. Follow it up by stopping at a café for a hot cup of joe or some other warm beverage and you are sure to have the perfect ending to a most amazing afternoon.

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Game, set and go

While Aries men and women are only too eager for a night of fun, they enjoy activities which have a competitive edge to them – little wonder since the planet governing the Aries sign is Mars who was the Roman god of war. Thus one of the best gifts to your Aries woman can be various kinds of games that she enjoys. You can either look for something interesting to gift her like the latest gaming console or a set of gaming software or various kinds of board and card games which have been eternal favorites – Monopoly may be especially welcome since it will satisfy the keen ambitious side of your Aries woman; on the other hand you can even gift her a naughty version of Twister which will appeal to the fun-loving side of the Aries woman. If she is OK with the idea, instead of making a gift of the game, you can treat her to a gaming marathon at your place even. After you make your partner comfortable, you can begin with some popular board games like Scrabble and Monopoly and then maybe go on to more active ones like dumb charades or Twister. If you know your Aries partner quite well, you can have a naughty time with a game of strip poker. No matter what kind you prefer, games are bound to be fun especially since your Aries woman would love a bit of friendly competition. Don’t forget to arrange for some drinks and crispies so that you both can snack on while pondering on the next move.

Spirited love

You can rarely go wrong with perfumes when planning a gift for women but where an Aries is concerned, it is best you choose wisely. Aries women are energetic, fun-loving, and adventurous and have their own way of doing things, so how about appealing to this ‘spirited’ side of their personality? According to perfumers, certain fragrances are more suited to certain personalities so look for perfumes are fruity and citrusy  and go with an outgoing, extrovert nature like that of an Aries woman. Fragrances in this group are generally composed of essences from citrus fruits like lime, lemon, mandarin and tangerine. Such fragrances give out a sharp, tangy aura which is refreshing and invigorating and thus seem ideal for the Aries woman who is outgoing, buoyant and full of the zest for living.

Gadgets on the go

Your Aries woman is most likely to amaze you with her brisk pace of living and the breezy pace at which she goes through tasks while others around her may still be mulling things over. And this is hardly surprising when you consider that the element associated with this sign is Fire, symbolic of dynamism and the source of intense energy. So a wonderful gift for her will be something that helps her to be on the go like perhaps a Personal Digital Assistant with which she can plan and organize her busy days or a hi-tech key ring which responds to voice so that she need not waste time looking for her keys. The Aries is really a very impatient sign – not only do they dislike spending time on careful planning and preparation, they have tendency to jump into the fray first and worry about consequences later. Also they do not take kindly to living by too many rules which is why any gift that will fasten the pace of life like a gadget or make chores simpler like a multi-tasking kitchen blender will most likely be appreciated by the Aries woman.

Adventure vacations

Aries are constantly in search for new things to do and love to immerse themselves in the thick of things. This may both to the fact that their ruling planet is Mars associated with action and their element is fire which grants vitality and energy to the individual. One of the consequences is that this zodiac has a penchant for adventure and physical action which is evident in their interest in outdoor activities and very often extreme sports. So if you are looking for a special gift for your Aries girlfriend, how about gifting her with an adventure holiday. Take her to a place where she can go scuba-diving, white-water rafting or perhaps bungee-jumping.  If your resources do not extend to an entire holiday, you can simply arrange for a sailing trip on the open seas or go camping under the stars. An even better gift may be combine the Aries’ love of adventure and fun so as to take her out to an amusement or theme park where  hair-raising rides and stomach-churning roller-coasters are sure to make for a lot of fantastic memories.