Aries Zodiac Sign Symbol and its Meaning


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac calendar and includes all those born in the spring from March 21st to April 20th. Aries carries the sign of the Ram and in astrology is represented by the image of the horns of the Ram.

For an Aries, the foremost trait is perhaps an individual’s capacity to take the initiative. This is aptly symbolized by the Ram’s ability to forge ahead with courage and resourcefulness. There is rarely anything uncertain or hesitant about the Ram and the same is true of a native of this zodiac. An Aries is something of a pioneer since he/she likes to find out new ways of doing things and is especially keen to do things their own way. Ambition to succeed and zest for life are some of the most distinct qualities of an Aries and these are all implied by the Ram’s forceful nature.

The Ram is a creature that does not like to be led by others; it prefers to be ahead of other animals and rather lead the sheep and lambs. Likewise being born under the sign of the Aries, a person enjoys motivating and leading others. In fact their enthusiasm, courage and go-getter’s attitude endow them with great leadership qualities. Ariens may not always be good at completing the task that they have so energetically volunteered for,  yet they are rather an expert at enthusing your co-workers and followers to fulfill other, less exciting responsibilities.

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However the other aspect of the fiery, active Aries personality is a tendency to be competitive and indeed combative. In a similar vein, the Ram likes butting heads with other animals – thus as soon as it senses the least challenge to its physical territory or influence over the ewes, it can be seen charging at the contender and butting heads with a terrible ferocity. Men and women of the Aries sign can also be quite headstrong. They are only too eager to butt heads with anyone that they feel is standing in your way. They can rarely tolerate opposing views and alternate methods of doing a job. They would much rather do a thing their own way and most of the times they are so convincing in their initiative and energy, that they are allowed to follow their own path. However they are also short-tempered and can be roused to a fearful rage when angry.

Impatience is yet another drawback of the Aries personality. This individual is in a rush to reach the top and just like the Ram he/she is only too ready to butt out all opposition in their drive to succeed. They don’t like to be kept waiting for something and are not attracted to experiences which do not result in immediate gratification. And while like the creature whose symbol they bear, they are physically tough and full of vigor, they can easily lose focus and get distracted.

Finally like the Ram, the Aries native is fearless and full of vitality. He/she is fiery and assertive and belongs to the ranks of the brave pioneers and leaders who chart new courses in the world.