The Cancer Boss - Traits and Characteristics


Cancer is fourth sign of the Zodiac, and includes all those born between 21st June and 22nd July. Bearing the sign of the Crab, Cancer men and women are known for their emotional sensitivity and financial acumen – qualities which also inform their professional lives. So if you happen to have a boss who is a Cancerian, here is how you can make the best of your professional relationship.

Be aware of their sensitive natures

The dominating planet for Cancer is Moon – a feminine energy and ruler of moods. This makes men and women born into this zodiac rather emotional and acutely sensitive to words and actions of others. So when dealing with a Cancer boss, think twice before saying or doing anything to hurt him/her. A Cancerian can be extremely vulnerable to criticism and will retreat into the shell very much like the Crab whose sign they bear if they think their feelings have been hurt. They can also be more jealous than others since small things that others would probably brush off tend to make them brood and unhappy. The best way to maintain a pleasant working relationship with such a boss is to be perceptive to their moods and emotions. When you find them calm and happy, approach them with your ideas about how to make something better or problems that you are facing at the workplace. On the other hand if you find them upset over something, stay away till they have sorted out their feelings and emerged to the surface once again. The word crabby perfectly describes a Cancerian when he/she is in the grip of one of their black moods. 

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A kind solicitous soul

The chief pleasure of working with a Cancer boss is being at the receiving end of their solicitous and caring natures. Both men and women Cancerians will always have a kind word or two about your kids and perhaps even ask where you are going for your next family vacation. The mascot of the Crab is the strongest indicator of the one philosophy that rules a Cancerian’s life – their love of home and domestic pleasures. Like the crab which carries its home around on its back, a Cancer is proud of his home and family, a trait you may have already inferred from the large number of family photographs on your boss’s table. A happy Cancerian will strive to bring the same familial feelings into the workplace and lead the entire team like one big family. The downside of this trait is that your boss would often expect complete loyalty as the natural due of the head of a family. However unlike say a Leo boss, your Cancerian chief may not display an overbearing and authoritarian approach; rather he/she is more likely to hold on to their stand with a silent tenacity. It is this streak that makes Cancerians masters of passive resistance. So despite their kindly and solicitous nature, the few people who have unsuccessfully tried to pry open their shell know that they can be pretty reserved and secretive too.

Instinct for saving

One of the reasons which have probably contributed to your Cancer boss’s professional success is his/her his intuitive almost uncanny ability to handle money. A Cancer boss may or may not be able to grab the billion dollar contracts but he/she is exceedingly unlikely to incur losses. The cautious nature of a Cancerian rules out any extravagance or unnecessary expenditure. While this trait may seem to border on miserliness at times, especially when he or she passes by a seemingly lucrative new deal in favor of past reliable clients, it is a sign of their careful and domestic nature which keeps the company safe from unwise and loss-making ventures. Likewise if you are keen to impress your Cancer boss, you may fare better by focusing on projects which avoid causing any losses rather than ventures which are attractive-sounding but also have potential for risk.

Appreciate their leadership qualities

Several things make a Cancer a natural leader of people. Their innate sense of loyalty means that they can be relied upon for support in times of emergency.  Furthermore they are considerate of others, solicitous of their employees’ needs and have an intrinsic sense of responsibility. The last is an important trait which takes a Cancer boss high on the professional ladder despite his/her apparent lack of personal charisma unlike say a Leo boss. The inherent sense of responsibility which marks a Cancerian makes him/her reach out to those working under them as well as supervise a project through till the very end unlike a Gemini who tends to lose steam after initial burst of energy. However despite being gentle and quick to help others, a Cancer boss can also be tenacious and strong-willed. Once having taken a decision, he/she is most likely to insist on having their way and may not even be above using a little emotional manipulation if it succeeds in getting results.

Immensely perceptive

The emotional sensitivity which Cancerians are known for also makes them extremely perceptive where their employees are concerned. You can trust your Cancer boss to have a remarkable insight into your feelings and intentions. They usually understand everything with uncanny accuracy and the unnerving part is that they are equally adept at reading between the lines. So apart from being careful about what you say before your boss, also use caution about what you leave out. The downside of this emotional intuitiveness is that they are quite vulnerable to pangs of insecurity when they realize that they cannot always depend upon an employee’s love and allegiance. At such moments they are likely to suffer from the blues and get into one of their infamous depressive moods. The best way to deal with such situations is to reassure your boss of your dedication to work and your professional ethics which in turn will give satisfy their need for emotional security, whether in professional or social relationships.