Gifts for Capricorn Women


Born from 21st of December to 20th of January, Capricorns make for strong and dependable partnerships. This personality is associated with responsibility, industry and an inherently practical outlook. If you are able to appeal to these traits, you have a good chance of finding the perfect gift for Capricorn women.

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Gifts to enhance her ambitions

The key to finding the ideal gift for a Capricorn woman is to appeal to her ambitious side. These people are known to be very hardworking and career-oriented, so gift her something that will help her realize her ambitions and fulfill her professional goals. A personal organizer to manage her appointments or a software to create praiseworthy presentations at the workplace will help your Capricorn girlfriend climb the professional ladder. Other than these you can also present her with workplace accessories like a leather folder, a stylish laptop case, briefcase, engraved business card case, or a designer portfolio that will help make her mark in the corporate boardroom. Their ambitions are actually helped by a quiet determination and supreme managerial skills which is why gifts like a smartphone to network with her professional contacts or an i-phone application to plan her day will always be welcomed by the Capricorn woman.

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Capricorn puts much store by traditional values and long-held conventions and thus one of the most coveted gifts by women of this zodiac is jewelry. However when planning to buy something special for your girl, choose something that is imbued with solid worth and will stand the test of time – a string of genuine fresh-water pearls or a diamond solitaire will be much more appreciated by a Capricorn woman rather than costume jewelry or flimsy affairs in semi-precious stones. Choose jewelry that is timeless and is not subject to the vagaries of fashion. This is because individuals of this zodiac are rather conventional even conservative in their tastes. Also since they appreciate the material worth of a gift much more than creative ideas, it is best to stick to fine expensive jewelry when choosing a gift for your Capricorn woman.

Even in matter of apparel and accessories, it is better you keep to the side of discretion when choosing a gift for your Capricorn beloved. A silk scarf for instance would make for a stylish wardrobe addition for any mature or professional woman of this sign. It can be worn with a suit during the day as a fashionable power accessory while at night it can be worn as an accent to a semi-formal dress to an elegant social function. Apart from this the worth of a silk scarf or any other expensive accessory like designer shades or a luxury watch would satisfy the materialistic bent of the essential Capricorn personality. Appearances matter a lot with Capricorns since they are attracted to visible signs of material success. At the same time, don’t go overboard with flamboyant presents like a full front-page proposal on a newspaper or an ostentatious engagement ring. Remember that they are conservative people at heart and are likely to such view such extravagance with suspicion, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

Traditional gestures

While their love of tradition does not make it easy to come up with unique gift ideas for Capricorns, it does make choosing a gift for a special occasion rather easier. So if you are racking your brains for a Valentine Day’s gift for your Capricorn girlfriend, don’t stray much further than gorgeous red roses or a box of the finest imported chocolates. While creative, self-made gifts may be much more appreciated by a female Aquarius or even a sentimental Cancerian, the Goat woman is much likelier to appreciate conventional gestures of love and celebrations. Thus for a fifth wedding anniversary gift for your wife, look for ornate picture Frames or antique furniture in wood which is the traditional material for half a decade wedding anniversary celebrations or get her classy silverware which is the modern equivalent of fifth anniversary gift theme.

Opportunities for social leadership

While Capricorns are not highly popular with friends and acquaintances, they are nevertheless deeply concerned with social responsibility and their community. Thus you can look for gift ideas which will satisfy your Capricorn woman’s need to make her mark on the social scene – for instance you can gift her tickets to a local fundraising event for a worthwhile cause or present her with an invite to an upscale charity dinner hosted by a pillar of the community.

Treat her to games

An ambitious nature, like that of your Capricorn girlfriend, is sure to enjoy activities that include a mild degree of competition. So a great idea may be to gift her with an outing at venues like a bowling alley or a mini golf range. However make sure that these match up to her class and are not shoddy or hole-in-the-wall places. Also while playing, allow her to win some games since very few things upset a Capricorn as much as losing to an opponent, no matter how friendly. At the same time don’t make it obvious that you have been losing on purpose as that will hurt her sense of honor and indicate that she is not capable of winning on her own. Use the games as a way of getting her to open up and not to score a point or win a bet.

Intimate gifts

Earth is the ruling element for Capricorns which is hardly surprising considering the down-to-earth, practical people they are. But this also means that they are rooted to the body and its desires. This makes Capricorns rather sensual people and quite passionate partners in bed. However with professional ambition driving them, especially in the early adult years, this desire for physical intimacy with partners may be put on the backburner and even repressed. While this may make for rather inhibited Capricorn girlfriend in the initial stages, over time you can be pretty certain that she will loosen up and be ready to sit back and enjoy the fruits of a fulfilling relationship. Thus give her a present like sexy lingerie or satin bedsheets which will hasten this process and encourage your Capricorn woman to express her passionate side.