The Capricorn Employee - Personality and Characteristics


Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is associated with drive, responsibility and industry. Born from 21st of December to 20th of January, Capricorns make for dependable and hard working employees and are always an asset to every team.

Highly ambitious

The first thing you should know about your Capricorn employee is that underneath that quiet and down-to-earth nature is an exceedingly ambitious core. His/her aim is to reach the top of the professional ladder and nothing less than the boss’ chair will do. Unlike a Gemini, the thrill of a professional challenge does not matter that much to a Capricorn neither does the appeal of a grandiloquent title at the workplace which is caters to the Leo’s love of vanity. What really motivates a Capricorn is the professional prestige and status that comes with being at the top and towards this end they will work hard and long. So instead of luring a Capricorn employee with cash rewards or a cabin with the ocean view, you would stand to gain much more if you can give them a glimpse of what is in store if they keeping working with dedication and efficiency.

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Steady determination

Interestingly however, despite their intensely ambitious natures, you will not find Capricorn employees in a tearing rush to get to the top. They are content to move ahead with measured steps, one step at a time, much like the Mountain Goat - whose zodiac symbol they bear - makes its way with slow painstaking steps up a steep crag. Unlike an Aries who would almost bound to the summit on the wings of their overarching ego if they could or a Sagittarius who is impatient to see his/her far-reaching ideas acquire material shape, a Capricorn will prefer to work with a steady, dogged determination which though slow to appearances is sure to get the job done in the end. It is this quiet and unwavering single-mindedness which makes a Capricorn employee a great person to have in the team especially when faced with tasks which require perseverance and patience.

Strong sense of responsibility

Couple with their intense drive and steely determination, a Capricorn also comes with a strong sense of responsibility. They are not only among the first to volunteer for a challenging project but when you hand over an assignment to a Capricorn you know that it will get done, no matter how difficult it is and how long it takes. While employees of other zodiac like Geminis may run out of steam after an energetic beginning or a Leo who may delegate it to a co-worker after seizing the initiative, a Capricorn worker will keep plodding at it till it is over and you are happy with the end result.

Organizational skills

Apart from the steady sense of commitment and an unwavering determination, what makes a Capricorn such a success as a professional is their finely-honed organizational skill. Men and women of this zodiac are born with a keen analytical intellect which is great at grasping similarities, differences, problems as well as solutions. All these make Capricorns master managers with a knack for the intricacies of running an organization. So you can not only find some of the most successful Capricorns in the corporate sector as supervisors, finance executives and human resource managers but also as administrators in schools, deans in colleges and in various other appointments which require a cool head and capacity for taking tough decisions. At your workplace you can get the best out of your young Capricorn employee as a team leader, a floor manager or an editor who is not averse to taking responsibilities and putting in some real hard work when called upon to do so.

Practical and down-to-earth

One reason for the professional success of Capricorns is their innate practical sense. The high-flying idealism of a Sagittarius or the lofty imagination of a Pisces is not for them. Rather they will be attracted to rational ventures which have the potential to move towards a logical and profitable end. It is this bent towards the material which gives Capricorns a reputation for being overly conscious of the external trappings of professional success like a million-dollar suburban home or ownership of a luxury yacht. However what really drives a Capricorn is not just the prospect of taking back a fat paycheck; you could offer your Capricorn a handsome commission and yet if he/she realizes that this job does not hold out the prospect of future promotions, your employee is likely to lose interest in working for you. The best way to retain the loyalty and services of a Capricorn is to allow them a glimpse of the day when they are going to have their own personal glass-fronted and wood-paneled cabin and shall be looked up to by everyone else.

Highly status conscious

Despite not being motivated by a mere paycheck, a Capricorn employee is acutely conscious of status and position. You will rarely find him/her cracking a joke with the errand boy in the life or fraternizing with subordinates during a coffee break. However just like a Capricorn will be reluctant to mix with the hoi-polloi, so you can be sure of him/her taking orders from a superior without a murmur. This is because a Capricorn respects authority since it is their deepest desire to succeed to such a position one day. Their acute awareness of status and position makes Capricorns perfect for professions with a definite hierarchical structure like the military or the clergy. So if you want to bug your Capricorn employee, you can force them to consort with subordinates but on the other hand if you would like to reward their efforts, an annual subscription to an elite professional club would be just the thing!

The love of status and position gives men and women of this zodiac highly conventional in nature. For tasks which require innovation and imagination, a Capricorn employee may not be the right choice. Rather January-borns prefer to do a thing as it has been done for ages unless there is a very good practical reason for departing from tradition. Their partiality for convention in fact lands a rather strong streak of the conservative in Capricorns which is why you will almost always see them turn up in blue-gray suits and vote for the Right-wing. However despite their rather stodgy and materialistic natures, Capricorns are a great asset when difficult decisions are to be taken and major responsibilities to be fulfilled.