The Three Decans of Gemini


The first decan of Gemini is ruled by Jupiter.

This confers a humane and generous disposition, but unfortunate. Makes a man his own enemy gives too much self-confidence, and leads to self-hurt. The subject of this decan becomes his own enemy in many ways. He is capable of rising by his own merits. The mind is generous and the intellect strong, but the judgment is perverted, and misfortunes through enemies are less to be feared than through the wrong use of one's own faculties. It gives oratorical powers and taste for judicial and legal pursuits, as well as for literature; but it is not a fortunate decan.

The second decan of Gemini is ruled by Mars.

This decan gives a quarrelsome and violent nature, predisposed to acts of ingratitude and wantonness. The life is filled with useless strife and unprofitable discussion, and the interests are apt to be misplaced, and the faculties, which are very acute, misapplied. It gives hurts and dangers in travelling; confers favours from martial persons, and gives sickness and fevers through acts of indiscretion.

The third decan of Gemini is ruled by Sun.

It confers success in the study of literature and science; gives brilliance of intellect, fame, but small fortune; many journeys; helpful relations; an anxious, restless life, but eventual success in literary or artistic pursuits.