The Gemini Boss - Traits and Characteristics


People born under the sign of Gemini are known to be social and multi-faceted. Bearing the image of the Twins and born between 20th May to 20th June, a Gemini boss is unlikely to ever let you have a dull moment at the workplace.

Brush up your conversation skills

Geminis are famous for being brilliant conversationalists – they thrive on exchange of information and verbal collaboration. Like others of his/her zodiac sign, you may have noticed that your boss too loves to talk and likes being surrounded by subordinates and co-workers. The upside of having such a boss is that at the workplace everyone would be invited to present their point of view or express an idea.  Conferences and meetings are probably noisy or at least chatty affairs where ideas are debated and discussed a lot before a major decision is arrived at. If you want to be on the right side of such a boss, it is crucial that you brush up your communication skills. No matter how many wonderful ideas you have up your sleeve or how sound your professional knowledge, if you cannot put across them in a verbally effective way to your boss, he/she is unlikely to see your real worth. Also when handed over a project, keep your boss in the loop with regular updates. Geminis love being in the thick of things and would prefer to be kept updated on the progress rather than handed over a finished report before the deadline. Finally make it a point to remain connected with your boss when on leave or out of station. Gemini bosses can often be found glued to their Blackberrys and laptops, indicating that they like to be in touch with their employees even when physically out of sight.

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Tap into their network

As communicators par excellence, Geminis tend to attract friends and acquaintances where they go. In fact in a social situation, your Gemini boss may come across as the proverbial life of the party, regaling an audience with hilarious accounts of their travel or hair-rising stories of their adventures. Because of their exceedingly social nature, Geminis also find it easier to cultivate a dense network of contacts which play an important role in their professional success. So once you establish a comfortable working relationship with your boss, you can explore the option of taking his/her help in enlarging your own network of contacts. If you are an efficient, conscientious worker, more likely than not, he/she will not refuse – just avoid coming off as too interfering or aggressive and instead couch your request in terms that make it appear your boss is doing you a favor.

Cultivate varied interests

Geminis have keen brilliant minds that revel in exchange of information.  So if you want to be noticed by your Gemini boss, be sure to brush up your general knowledge. While men and women of this zodiac are fond of talking, it is not merely idle chatter with them. They are witty, intelligent and curious to know about people and places. So merely being a good listener is not enough to keep up with a Gemini boss. Attract his/her attention towards you with a clever remark or two and then be sure to maintain their interest by expressing your point well. Apart from this try to cultivate a few interests which need not be directly related to your profession. Your Gemini boss is more likely to be impressed by an employee who goes sky-diving on weekends and is also an amateur theater actor rather than by someone who is all work and no play. This is because Geminis are themselves great at multi-tasking. If you know your boss to go for salsa lessons on Wednesdays, help out at the local parish on weekends, works out at the gym three times a week and still find time enough to excel at the workplace, chance are that he/she is a Gemini. However the downside of this craving for variety is that sometimes, they quickly lose interest in a project or activity. While they are usually quick to grasp a new thought or appreciate a new sensation, within the blink of an eye they may have moved onto something else. So you may find your boss take on multiple projects at the workplace and expect you and other employees to work at them with typical Gemini energy and drive. However along the way, don’t be surprised to see your boss lose interest, leaving you or other employees to wrap them up and make them presentable.

Ability to improvise

Unlike a Taurus or a Capricorn, Gemini men and women are not known for their steadfastness or ability to follow things through. So your boss may decide upon something this moment and then order a modification the very next. This trait is probably because of the mutable Air sign that a Gemini belongs to, making them flexible on one hand but also liable to change their minds from one minute to another. The best way to keep up with such a boss is to develop your own ability to improvise. Instead of grumbling about their fickle-mindedness or tearing your hair out at yet another inclusion/exclusion ordered in the PowerPoint presentation, you would do well to take things along your stride and keep a decent margin for alterations. Also remember that the same mutable sign which makes your Gemini boss changeable also makes him/her adaptable towards changing circumstances; when cost-cutting is ordered from the highest management levels, you can trust your Gemini boss to find out ways and means to keep up with office socials or Christmas parties.

So while a Gemini boss will keep you busy and often demand immediate results, they are also least likely to be dogmatic. You might find him/her quite comfortable about delegating responsibilities even though they may get irritated if you constantly bring up legal minutiae or niggling details as obstacles. The best part about working under this Zodiac sign is experiencing the goodwill and productivity that their effective communication and sparking personality brings at the workplace.