The Gemini Employee - Personality and Characteristics


Born between May 21st and June 21st, Geminis are charming, intelligent and dynamic people. However employers who hire Gemini workers for these qualities often realize to their cost that the Twins can also be unpredictable, restless and impatient. So here are a few points on how to get the best out of a Gemini employee.

A way with words

One of the most obvious characteristics of the Gemini personality is a way with words which can charm even the grimmest interviewer or the most intractable client. Your Gemini employee is a master communicator who is equally at ease explaining to his/her team members on how to go about an assignment as well as convincing a customer on why they should buy your product or service. In fact, most Geminis are so glibly persuasive they can talk people into buying things they couldn't possibly even use or even sell ice to an Eskimo, as the saying goes. An employee with this level of conversational skill is an asset to any company and especially to departments like sales, promotion and public relations. However the thing to be aware of a Gemini’s skill with words is that he/she is not above using it to get their own way, as you have probably already noticed in the way your employee got past the wall of interviewers. This manipulative streak is usually quite well concealed but can be a cause for low office morale in case other deserving workers get the worst of it.

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A brilliant mind

A Gemini’s dexterity in communication is not simply idle chatter. What removes his/her facility with language to a plane far above social chit chat is the brilliant mind that directs their conversation. Once you begin to see your Gemini employee in action you will realize that they can take an abstract idea and reduce it to a formula better than anyone else in the office. Your Aquarius worker might be able to conjure up far-ranging ideas while a Virgo might amaze you with the perfection of the final product, but where giving shape and form to a potentially productive idea is concerned, few signs can do it better than a Gemini.

Oodles of energy

The planet which rules the Gemini sign is Mercury, the swift-footed messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. This perhaps explains the incredible energy of Geminis which drives them from one activity to another. You are quite likely to find out that besides holding a full time job with you, your Gemini employee is also an amateur stage actor, an avid golfer as well as something of an expert on Italian wines. This ability to juggle multiple interests makes them ideal for appointments which require some expert multi-tasking. So it would be a good idea to go for a Gemini when hiring a secretary who will most probably surprise you with her speed of typing, her skill with the switchboards as well as her ability to charm irate clients.
The flipside of this buzzing energy is however a tendency to get bored quickly. If not presented with enough challenges to engage their nimble minds, Gemini employees are apt to get restless and prone to conjuring up potentially destructive schemes. It’s like their minds can never be at rest for long so you need to be careful where you place them. A confining desk job which does nothing to vent out their crackling energy is likely to make them nervous and unhappy. Rather place your Gemini in appointments where he/she is given responsibilities challenging enough for their quick creative minds and considerable persuasive skills.

Innate sense of independence

Yet another point about their professional characteristics is their desire to be unfettered by too many rules and regulations. Though not as disdainful of authority as a Leo or as inherently rebellious as a Sagittarian, a Gemini worker can still be resentful of being pushed and prodded about by superiors, especially since he/she knows that with their agile mental and verbal faculties, they are way ahead of the average team leader.

Ability to act quickly

Being a mutable sign, Geminis are inborn with an easy flexibility and adaptability to changing situations. In the workplace this is most evident in the way that a Gemini employee can be counted upon to deal with an emergency. The typical Gemini will make instant deci­sions and go into action while most of the people around him/her are still getting their bearings. And even though the Gemini shares this ability to react to a crisis swiftly with other signs like an Aries and Scorpio, what sets the Twins apart are their nimble approach and persuasive skills which can often douse the biggest corporate fires.

However the agile dynamic nature which prompts a Gemini to respond quickly to a change also brings with a kind of fluidity. They are liable to lose interest in a project once the execution begins and are often unwilling to see an assignment through till the end. On one hand a Gemini lacks a Virgo’s thorough meticulous nature while on the other he/she also lacks the fiery drive of an Aries. For these reasons, be careful of putting Geminis in sole charge of responsibilities which need to be executed perfectly and personally supervised till the end. Geminis are usually best at negotiating a contract or translating an idea into a workable formula. After the deal has been inked and sealed, they are only too happy to leave the niggling details and paperwork to other employees.

Exceedingly social

Geminis are legendary for being the life and soul of parties. Their conversational skills and brilliant minds make them extremely popular and usually on good terms with all their co-workers. A Gemini not only experiences genuine delight in exchanging facts and information with their fellow interlocutors but actually finds socializing a great way to unwind. So if you have a Gemini in your ranks, be prepared for roaring office parties and nights of fun and dance. However you might have a broken heart or two in the workplace since Geminis for all their social skills are extremely reluctant to be tied down to anybody.