Gemini Zodiac Sign Symbol and its Meaning


The third sign of the zodiac calendar, Gemini is symbolized by the Twins and in the written form this often appears as two upright ‘I’s or the Roman numeral for two. The most obvious implication for a native of this sign is a curious duality of character. Geminis are born in between May 22nd and June 21st.

People living or working with Geminis often feel like they are dealing with two different people. This is more than clearly indicated by the symbol of the Twins. Thus you may be one person today and a completely different individual tomorrow. And one of the ways this is often expressed is an equal tendency for sociability as well as individuality. It is common to find a Gemini enjoying immense popularity among friends, acquaintances and co-workers. It is very likely that he/she figures on the guest list of every host in town and is the proverbial life of the party at every social event. Their popularity is not only the result of their sociable nature but is also the natural consequence of their legendary conversational skills. They are equally at ease whether striking up a conversation with a stranger or passionately arguing on the merits of the red over white wine. Strangely though for such a social personality, a Gemini is notoriously unemotional in nature. Intimate exchanges of emotions and feelings make them feel uncomfortable which is why even those closest to Geminis can rarely gauge what they are really thinking and feeling. They are fiercely protective about their personal space in relationships and any hint of neediness or possessiveness in a partner is enough to make them bolt. Thus they are both social and intensely private, much like the duality present in the symbol of the Twins.

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Yet another instance of their dual nature is evident in their powers of communication. While a Gemini can be witty, entertaining and charming with their words, at the same time he/she can also appear argumentative, opinionated and feckless. Very often they say one thing and mean something completely different. This trait often leaves them vulnerable to charges of sophistry and ambiguity since others feel that they can say anything for the sake of making your point or winning over opponents but rarely ever mean it from their heart. Taken to an extreme, this trait can also leave a Gemini prone to behavior marked by superficiality and duplicity.

The ability to don more than one face as in the symbol of the Twins is also evident in the Gemini’s capacity for multi-tasking. They are immensely versatile and have the ability to pursue a wide range of interests. This is possible not only because of their highly energetic nature but more importantly because of their thirst for new kinds of knowledge and experiences. They are attracted to fresh ideas, interests and skills and have the mental acuity to quickly grasp something new and unattempted.

The downside of a Gemini’s enthusiastic and versatile nature is however an impermanence and restlessness. This is another instance of the duality inherent in the symbol of the Twins. If they are energetic and full of zest in exploring new experiences and knowledge, they are also likely to get bored quickly and be distracted towards something else. Geminis are infamous for having a relatively small attention span and have often been known to give up on a project or task mid-way. The hankering for novelty and excitement makes them enthusiastic but also somewhat unreliable. Friends and partners of Gemini have often found to their cost that they are perfectly capable of changing plans at the last moment simply because their fancy was caught by something else.

Another distinctive trait of Gemini is a capacity to adjust to varying situations and circumstances. This is deeply related to the multi-faceted personality of the Twins - being able to go this way and that. As a result they are flexible and adaptable; they have little trouble in the cross-currents and eddies of life since they are able to go along with the flow.

Finally though Geminis have been known as the dilettante of the zodiac because of their desire to dabble in a great many interests, once they find a subject worthy of their incredible kaleidoscopic mind, they are capable of serious pursuit and a deeper mastery. A Gemini is fun, charming, witty and full of zest for life and even though there seems to be two different personalities residing in one being, the variety and unpredictability only adds to their attraction.