Dating a Gemini Woman - When you Fall in Love with a Gemini Girl


Born between May 21st and June 21st, Geminis are charming, intelligent and dynamic people. And so are their romantic interests. Here are a few ways to date a Gemini woman and get to know her better.

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Geminis are known to be the life and soul of parties. Their conversational skills and brilliant minds make them extremely social and top favorites with the best hosts in town. So if you are seeing a Gemini woman, be prepared to compete with a horde of admirers, male and female, for her attention. This girl is likely to have a large social circle since she likes to be surrounded by friends, acquaintances and even ex-lovers. A thriving social life is what makes her happiest and helps her to unwind. So when you decide to take your girlfriend to a date, let it be a place where there are enough people around like a theater or the casino – just be prepared to bump into a pal or ex of hers and who may not be very willing to leave her to you.

The best way to attract the attention of a Gemini is through interesting conversation. People of this zodiac sign are brilliant conversationalists and can keep a company hanging on to every word of theirs for hours. So if you want to get a date with a Gemini woman chat her up about the magazine that she was leafing through or the brand of cell phone that she is she using. Interestingly, conversation with these people is not just idle gossip but a way of getting to know people and places as well as share experiences. Beneath the veer of sparkling conversation, Geminis have very keen minds which are always curious to know more. So if you slip on about your last vacation to Peru, you can be sure of hooking your date with an intense volley of questions on Incas tombs, colonial Spanish architecture and lush rainforests.

The planet which rules the Gemini sign is Mercury, the swift-footed messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. This perhaps explains the incredible energy of Geminis which drives them from one activity to another. You may find your Gemini girlfriend holding a fulltime job, going for tennis lessons thrice a week, squeezing in a lunch date with friends from high school and at the same time have the energy to cook a special dinner for you. Which man can but be awed by this intense whirl of energy? But this is also a good place to remember that the bane of a relationship with a Gemini is boredom. Your partner must have enough things to do in order to keep her mind busy since this is how she likes it. In order to retain her interest in the relationship, you need to attract her with new activities like salsa dancing or pottery-making on group dates.  If there are not enough things to engage her attention, she may sulk, lose interest and drift to where the lights are brighter and the music louder.

Similarly, a Gemini woman needs a life of intellectual stimulation. Happy domesticity or shopping sprees are not likely to appeal to her for long. Her mind needs to be challenged with interesting conversation, unusual hobbies and new tasks. So brush up on your reading and engage her in discussions on the relative merits of red and white wine or if there is a theater workshop in town, ask her if she would like to join up. Remember she is a woman of diverse tastes and attractions and if stuck in a groove, is likely to opt out.

Geminis like to retain a degree of freedom in relationships. So no matter how close you are to your girlfriend, she may be just back out of committing herself fully to the relationship. This is because a Gemini needs a constant change of scene and people in order to feel alive. When stuck in a particular situation or with one person for a long time, she may begin to feel restless and a desire to break free. This in fact could be why the normally sane Geminis are given to episodes of recklessness or a desire to walk on the wild side. However this doesn’t last for long and the strong social aspect of their nature make sure that they return to their friends and family sooner than later.

In keeping with the symbol of this zodiac, the Twins, have a curious duality of character. Beneath their lightheartedness and youthful exuberance lies hidden a practical and calculating even cold interior. On one hand your Gemini girlfriend may be able to chat you up to a passion over the phone or in her mails but once face to face she may draw back from a full-fledged intimate encounter. She may also blow hot and cold in the same breath especially when roused to a temper.  However this duality also enables a Gemini to see both sides of an issue besides being adaptable to changing situations. While critics may consider this trait smacking of superficiality or inability to take a stand, it is in fact an exceeding practical quality to possess, one which makes Geminis the social success they are.

For a partner who likes security and stability in love, being in a relationship with a Gemini woman can be disconcerting at times. This is not only because of her somewhat flighty nature but because of a tendency to get quickly bored with a lack of variety. On the other hand, her myriad social and personal interests may lead her to seek a single point of calm and support and here is where you come in. But overall, your best bet in keeping a Gemini woman interested in you is to offer her a series of varied experiences and intellectual stimulation. Air is the ruling element of a Gemini woman and this makes her a creature of the mind. It is in the realm of the intellect where you can come closest to her and establish the foundation of a lasting relationship.