Gemini Ascendant - Profile and Characteristics of Gemini Rising


Gemini rising denotes a kind, willing, humane, intellectual and expressive disposition. The fate improves when restlessness and diffusiveness are overcome. The whole life will advance through education and intellectual attainments. The native will exhibit much curiosity and a desire to learn and will show signs of cleverness with inventive abilities, which may be turned to advantage or abused, according to the horoscope. The duality of this sign signifies either the chattering ape or the
divine ape of intelligence: the magpie and the parrot, or the student and the scholar.

The second decanate of Gemini rising balances the whole sign, giving perception, foresight and real artistic ability. It also gives an opportunity to blend head and heart, reason and intuition. The fate will depend upon the philosophical attitude, which will decide whether the native will become a mere imitator and copier of others, or one who awakens the spiritual tendencies which are latent within. The finer vibrations of this decanate give the tendency to cultivate clairvoyance, and the artistic abilities. The lower vibrations will show in lack of continuity and in indolence or indecision.

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The third decanate of Gemini rising greatly improves the whole sign, but a great deal will depend upon the environment at birth, as to whether the finer qualities of the sign are encouraged or kept latent. The fate is generally influenced by guardians or friends, and it often happens that there is something connected with the parentage which affects the whole life.

Persons born under this decanate are generally successful in dealing with the public.

When the first decanate of Gemini rises study the planet Mercury, and note especially the condition of the third house.

When the second decanate of Gemini rises study Venus and Mercury as joint rulers, also the condition of the seventh house.

When the third decanate of Gemini rises study the planet Saturn or Uranus and the eleventh house.

When either ARIES, TAURUS, or GEMINI ascends the native belongs to what may be termed the Intellectual or forceful and assertive Trinity; hence his or her dominant keynote will he knowledge, and progression through the mind or intellect.