Gemini - characteristics and profile of the Gemini man, woman, child and baby


Gemini (May 22 to June 22) is a double sign and a certain duality is apparent in the pure Geminean. There is an ambivalence, a shifting outlook, which makes Gemineans delightful in their unexpectedness, but irritating in their inconsistency. Gemineans are often exasperating - but they can be relied upon not to be boring. A pure Geminean is a person with whom it is almost impossible to argue for any length of time. His/her mind is so subtle, moving ahead like quicksilver, that one can never be quite sure what one is arguing about. Gemineans have golden tongues as well as quicksilver minds; like the monkeys of Chinese Astrology, they can charm the birds off the trees, induce others to follow courses of action which they don't really think advisable, and fascinate almost anyone they wish.

At its worst, this makes the strongly Geminean person capable of being the archetypal confidence-trickster; at its best, it makes him or her a communicator of genius - an individual capable of conveying complex ideas in a simple way and of inspiring others.

But even the most idealistic Geminean is not altogether trustworthy or completely reliable. This is not because of any deliberate disloyalty, dishonesty or deceit - it is because he or she is extremely apt to change his/ her mind and, being intellectual as well as versatile, can put forward excellent arguments for the newly adopted point of view. Well-known Gemineans have included Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn and Ian Fleming.

Sexuality and the Emotions

The Geminean man or woman is always very liable to fall suddenly in (or out) of love. This characteristic persists throughout life (although it is particularly noticeable in young adulthood) and it applies to emotions of friendship as well as to those of a more romantic nature. Even an elderly Geminean is quite likely to introduce you to 'a very close friend' with whom, in fact, he or she has only recently become acquainted. This can make life rather confusing for others, particularly if they take Geminean lovers or friends seriously. A Geminean's love-making and expressions of affection are sometimes more ardent than hislher true feelings. As partners, though, pure Gemineans are reasonably reliable - if their affections stray, it is not for long.

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General Characteristics

 'Airy' is rather an old-fashioned word but it admirably describes the character of the pure Geminean. He or she has all the unpredictability of a feather or a soap bubble bobbing about in everchanging air currents. With this unpredictability goes an astonishing buoyancy and resilience. A Geminean may seem, metaphorically speaking, to be about to fall to earth, but almost always an unexpected breath of wind comes along and he or she is shooting up again.

Gemineans are often noted for their intellectual qualities - they quickly grasp the essence of a situation, a process or an argument. Usually, however, they fail to understand things in depth; they tend to have a somewhat superficial approach. This is not because they are inherently incapable of deep thinking. It is because their interests are very wide indeed and they are interested in things in general rather than one thing in particular.


The Geminean will never be happy unless there is some change or variation in his/her life. No Geminean can satisfactorily do a job which varies little from day to day, nor one in which he or she is not expected to take an interest in the activities of others, nor one in which a certain amount of amiable sociability is not involved. In other words, the Geminean temperament, mercurial in every sense of the word, must be fully allowed for. Any job in which the Geminean can talk or communicate with others is ideal: Gemineans make superbly gossipy taxi drivers, wonderful journalists, magnificent sales representatives, and so on. In short, the pure Geminean has all the qualities of the successful politician (although rarely those of a statesman) and must ensure that his/ her life-style is appropriate to those qualities.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.