How to Get Your Gemini Man Back


Being in love with a Gemini is like being in love with two people, or three, or even four! The Gemini man is anything but stagnant. He is constantly changing and he has many sides. His personality is multifaceted. He can be fickle and he has trouble settling down. He doesn't take life seriously. He prefers to go with the flow and have a good time instead. While this may be frustrating, and lead to instability at times, it also makes the Gemini man one of the most exciting and fun-loving of the sun signs. The Gemini man is social, talkative, and always the life of the party. Let's talk about some of the techniques to employ, if you're trying to win your Gemini man back.

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Be a good listener

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Geminians are very expressive, and they love to talk. At times they will be very direct and tell you exactly how they feel, and at other times they may hint at their true meaning or cloak their words. There is a never-ending duality to the Gemini man. You can circumvent this by listening actively and learning how to decode his messages via his tone and body language. Keep in mind that what he is saying may not always be what he means. You'll have to put some effort into interpreting the many messages your Mercury-ruled man sends your way, but don't expect the same from him in return. Gemini is a sign characterized by communication, but this is in sending communication only. Geminians are notoriously bad listeners. This could, however, work well in a person with a complementary communication style. For anyone quiet, who prefers to listen and observe, and doesn't enjoy having the spotlight focused on them, the Gemini man's style of communication might just be a solid fit.

Be willing to change and take up new interests and hobbies

The Gemini man loves change. He may want to go to a demolition derby one night and attend the opera the next. One day he'll want to buy a sensible sedan and the next a flashy vintage car. He will want to do a lot of traveling. If you're a woman who loves routine, the Gemini man may not be the best fit for you. If your Gemini man lost interest in you once already, it could very well be because your lifestyle was too routine and stagnant to be complementary to his. In addition to being flexible with your activities, you should also be willing to change your appearance quite often. Change is the only constant in the Gemini man's life. You could try changing up your wardrobe, trying a new shade of lipstick, or coloring your hair. As you start the process of rekindling your fractured relationship, make sure that he sees you in two or three different hairstyles or styles of dress right away. This will show him that you are an exciting and fluid woman, and one that will keep him guessing. That's all the Gemini man really wants. He wants to be kept on his toes. He wants to figure you out. This makes the Gemini man a great match for any woman who enjoys experimenting with her personal style.

Don't try to reign him in or get him to focus

Career or life advice is the last thing that the Gemini man wants from anyone, and especially not from the woman he loves. The Gemini man will probably always have some difficulty focusing. It contradicts everything in his personality. The Gemini man will always be scattered, have divided objectives, and have his fingers in many different pies. He is a lively and restless jack of all trades. The Gemini man is likely to change jobs and change direction quite often. He may leave a high-paid executive position to start his own business. He may quit a Business degree halfway through to major in Existential Philosophy instead. Gemini is not a practical and grounded sun sign. He follows the whims of his current interests, valuing his own thirst for knowledge over any financial objectives. He is much too smart to remain in any one field for long. As soon as he masters something, his interest wanes and his inquisitive nature spurs him on to the next challenge. If you can't accept the flighty, but mentally agile Gemini, then it may be wise to move on to more fixed and secure sun sign. However, if you can accept the Gemini man's ever changing ways, he's sure to be a partner that will expand your horizons and introduce you to many new activities and industries.

Don't be a social recluse

If you're an introvert who wants to spend every weekend at home, you are going to run into problems dating a Gemini. In order to recapture the attention of the Gemini man, you'll have to be willing to play ball on his turf, and the Gemini man is a social butterfly. He loves being around lots of different people and conversing on a variety of topics. He'll want to hop from one bar to the next and crash more than one party. He adores making new friends and connections and he can navigate even the most unfamiliar of social scenes with surprising dexterity. He is both opinionated and nosy, and he has a nervous energy that will keep him moving from one group of people to the next, never remaining in any one place for too long. Put on your dancing shoes and be ready to smile and be witty. The Gemini man will want a woman who enjoys the party just as much as he does.

Have a thick skin and roll with the punches

A relationship with a Gemini man will be full of thrills, excitement, and adventures, but with those peaks there will also be valleys. This is the two-faced nature of the Gemini spirit. You will do well to learn how to move with his moods, rather than trying to fight against them. And yes, the Gemini man can be quite moody.

At his best he is vibrant, passionate, full of life and vigor. At his his worst, he is unreliable, unsympathetic, and uncaring. It may take a bit of wheedling and patience to teach him to consider your needs. Have patience, be assertive, and be clear in what you need from him. When talking to him about your needs, be as specific as possible. Keep in mind that you may have to repeat this conversation a few times.

While it may seem a momentous flaw for the Gemini man to take his moods out on others, remember that it isn't personal. He is impulsive by nature, and likely to say things without fully realizing the effect his words may have on other people. The good news is that the Gemini man is changeable. He is not set in his ways. He loves to learn new skills, and with patience and assertiveness on the part of his woman, learning to express himself in a respectful way could very well be one of those skills.

Meet your Gemini man where he is, but hold him accountable too. Develop a sense of empathy and insight to consider his perspective, but that doesn't mean letting him walk all over you either. As with everything, when it comes to romance with the Gemini man, the key is balance and plurality.