How to Attract and Seduce a Gemini Woman


Being in love with a Gemini woman is really like being in love with two women. The mark of the Gemini woman is a multifaceted, changeable nature. She can be a bit flighty and fickle. She is a whirlwind of activity, hopping from one activity to the next, but this also makes her interesting and well-versed in many different areas.

The Gemini woman is also a true romantic at heart, and while it may seem like she never wants to settle down, her secret sentimental side will compel her to do so when she finds the right man. Let's talk about some of the ways that you might catch the eye of this curious, expressive, and independent woman.

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Be fascinating

The Gemini woman is very scattered. She has her finger in many different pies. She may want to go to the Metropolitan Museum one night and visit the rodeo the next. She is full of contradictions, but it's really only because she has such a wide variety of interests. The Gemini woman grows bored easily, so make sure you've got more than enough going on to keep her interested. This means having several hobbies, several side projects, several dreams, and maybe even several different styles of dress. The Gemini woman wants a man who is just as lively and adaptable as she is. She wants you to keep her guessing.

Learn how to captivate her with conversation

The Gemini woman is very chatty. She loves to talk about all kinds of different subjects. This is because she is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Just keep in mind that the Gemini woman is much better at sending communications, than she is at receiving them. She's not a great listener, especially if what you are saying doesn't peak her interest. Be prepared to repeat yourself more than once, when you're giving her directions to the restaurant you're meeting at, or calling to reschedule a date. This Gemini trait can sometimes be seen in as very negative, but it's not all bad. The Gemini woman can be a great partner to quiet men, who enjoy interesting conversations on a variety of topics, but don't necessarily want to do a lot of the talking themselves. As far as getting her to listen when it is important, just have patience and clearly articulate why you need her to listen to what you're saying.

Take her out to lots of parties and social gatherings

The Gemini woman is a social butterfly. She is very talkative and she is drawn to crowds. If you take her out to parties, she'll be in her element. Don't cling to her side too much, or become possessive if another man approaches her. The Gemini woman will always draw attention, and that's something that you're just going to have to get used to if you're looking to make her your mate. Show her that you respect her independence and that you aren't trying to shackle her to you. Rather, you're trying to share her exciting and fast-paced life with her. Move about the party and mingle, and stop to check in with her every so often. The Gemini woman will appreciate a man who lets her be who she is.

Take her on a trip

After the two of you have been dating for awhile, you may start to wonder how you can amp up your efforts and really solidify your place in her heart. The Gemini woman has an insatiable wanderlust. In fact, if you end up marrying her, you can be sure that your marriage will be filled with adventures, second and third honeymoons, and romantic weekend getaways. Invite her to join you for a trip somewhere. She will enjoy this tremendously and you can show her that you understand her. You could even hint that if the two of you were to become serious, you're sure that your life would be filled with spontaneous, impromptu trips.

Be patient of her flakiness

If you're hoping for a woman who is always on time, who honors her commitments, keeps a clean house, and always knows the state of her budget, well I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. The Gemini woman is, for lack of a better word, a flake. The Gemini woman will make appointments and then cancel at the last minute. She will run her checking account into the negatives and rack up a slew of late fees. She will decide not to clean her house, simply because she doesn't want to. The Gemini woman dislikes routine, and disorder doesn't bother her. Don't become impatient with her. This is just a part of who the Gemini woman is. It is this scatterbrained unreliable nature that also makes her so interesting and exciting. She is not a woman who is stuck in her ways. She is forever changing. Try to guide her gently towards better habits if you can, but never put your foot down or lecture her. She's much too independent to abide a man who tries to tell her what to do.

Don't try to get her to focus

The Gemini woman will always be unfocused. She's just so curious about the world. She wants to try everything and experience everything. She will never be a specialist, but a lifelong jack-of-all-trades. Appreciate her propensity for divided objectives. Love her for the way that she can be interested in so many different topics. But never try to corral her attention and get her to focus on just one thing. She is woman who will forever be changing careers, friends, and even residences if she can. That isn't to say that she can't settle down into a monogamous relationship with one man. If you are understanding and appreciative of her Gemini spirit (rather than trying to change or quell it) then you stand a great chance of ensuring that you become that one guy that she never grows bored of. She may be all over the place in every regard, but when it comes to romance, the Gemini woman's thirst for companionship and communication, makes her very amenable to marriage and family.