Jupiter in various signs.

Jupiter Aspects Moon - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, increases the imagination and intuition, and is sometimes the accompaniment of genius. It increases vitality and fertility, both of mind and body; It inclines to honesty, religion, justice, compassion and sympathy. It is fortunate for all matters of the fourth, ninth and twelfth houses, and for things connected with the watery element;

Jupiter Aspects Mercury - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, and in the world of mind, this harmonises the influences of intellect and devotion, or science and religion, bringing the one to the support of the other and smoothing away antagonism, and will develop its influence in many ways according to the native's station in life.

Jupiter Aspects Venus - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect all four signs ruled by the planets benefit. Money and possessions come through ninth house activities, by religion and occupations relating in any way to it or to the Church; by travels, journeys, shipping, or occupations relating to these; by intercourse with foreign countries or people from a distance;

Jupiter Aspects Sun - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In conjunction or good aspect, it conduces to kindness. sympathy, sincerity and honesty. It inclines somewhat to religion, and may give some degree of prominence or eminence therein, as well as good fortune in affairs of the ninth house generally, occupations or amusements connected with religion or places of worship, travelling, shipping, horses, amusements and games.

Jupiter Aspects Mars Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, a great deal of energy and enterprise are thrown into all occupations signified by Jupiter's signs. There is some degree of self-reliance and originality in matters signified by the planets: the native launches out into new undertakings or lines of thought; does not hesitate to forsake the beaten track;

Neptune in the Ninth House

Neptune in the ninth house denotes very peculiar and generally psychic persons whose minds are absorbed in phenomena and strange theories. It is not a good position unless free from affliction ; alone in this house or badly aspected it is likely to cause the native much trouble ?if not in waking consciousness then in dreams or through fancies. It gives a weird and uncanny tendency to the mind, which is impressionable, easily influenced and liable to be quickly psychologised.

Mars in the Sixth House

Mars in the sixth house denotes a liability to suffer In health through carelessness or indiscreet action ; there is a tendency to inflammatory complaints when Mars is afflicted by Sun and Jupiter, and danger of suicide or some fatal accident when afflicted by Uranus, this latter being a very evil influence. This position denotes much energy in all work, and the native is generally an enthusiast where work is concerned.

Mars in the Tenth House

Mars in the tenth house denotes an ambitious and masterful spirit. It is favourable for success in business or profession, since the energy of the native is able to carry him through the turbulent and stormy periods he will experience in the business world. The native does not prosper when in business for himself, unless in an occupation of the nature of Mars, and this planet well aspected. The animal and passional side of the nature is likely to override the intellectual, and impulse or feeling to be much more prominent than reason.

Jupiter in the Third House

<p>Jupiter in the third house shows a religious and philosophical mind, kind and sympathetic mentally, with abilities above the average ; sincere and courteous in speech and writing ; earnest, thoughtful and considerate in all matters of correspondence and exchange of thought. This position favours those who are naturally social and readily able to adapt themselves to all average conventional requirements.</p>

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

Jupiter in the twelfth house denotes success in occult studies, and a respect for the sacred and ancient beliefs. It also gives success in a quiet and mysterious manner of which the general public are unaware. It enables the native to gain either directly or indirectly through his enemies, or to turn them into friends, even against their will. This position gives dual love affairs ; or some peculiar experience in connection with the affections which is evidently beneficial to the native.

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