Jupiter in the Tenth House


Jupiter in the tenth house denotes much success and prosperity. The moral standard is very high, and the native holds a very secure and important position at some period of his life. This is one of the best positions for financial and social success. If afflicted : by Mars, legal troubles are threatened and heavy losses at certain periods ; by Saturn, the good influence of Jupiter in the M.C. is vitiated, and almost rendered nil ; by Uranus, grave reverses of fortune, and a liability to become involved in serious difficulties. If the luminaries afflict Jupiter it hinders social success, and brings difficulty in connection with travel and changes of position ; but when well aspected thereby much success is denoted, both social and financial. This position generally shows good birth, and help through relatives. Jupiter has less power in airy or earthy signs when in the M.C., and has chief potency in either fiery or watery signs, especially Sagittarius and Cancer.