Dating a Leo Woman - When you Fall in Love with a Leo Girl


One of the most spectacular signs of the Zodiac, a Leo seeks warmth and attention in personal relationships. People with this sign are born between July 23 and August 22. Here are a few useful insights on what it may be like to date or be in a relationship with a Leo woman.

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Being under the spotlight comes naturally to a Leo woman. This zodiac sign is ruled by the sun which stands at the center of the solar system while all the planets revolve around it. Similarly a Leo woman will expect to be center the attention in practically every situation but especially in social ones. And woe betides the man who forgets this cardinal fact. So if you are planning to take your Leo girlfriend out to dinner, make sure it is a place where the service is especially good and don’t forget to arrange for the band to play her favorite song while ensuring that her name in the dedication is mentioned loud and clear. On the other hand if you are a man who is not comfortable being in the shadows while his partner basks in the limelight, perhaps this woman is not for you.

One of the main attractions of a Leo woman is her vibrant and dynamic personality. Not unlike the symbol, the Lion, that this zodiac bears, everything about her seems larger than life. She is apt to have a colorful but stylish wardrobe and love jewelry like diamonds which make her dazzle in the crowd. Her ambitions are likely to touch the sky and her lifestyle will be extravagant. While dating this woman, remember that she thinks and likes to live like a queen. So if you want to impress her, take her to the most expensive restaurant you can afford, get the best seats at a concert and make sure she sees you leaving a hefty tip to the valet.

Together with an extravagant personality of a Leo, comes a warm, generous heart. You will not usually find a Leo being mean to someone – in a temper maybe, but petty, very rarely.  If you take her fancy, she will love with a passion totally in sync with her flamboyant nature, even indulging your small whims with the generosity of a queen who can do as much for her favorites.  If a Leo woman likes to have her luxuries, trust her to splurge on a gift for you too. She may actually go through the trouble of obtaining a bottle of Pinot Noir or a Cartier watch for you on your birthday.

Again a romantic relationship with a Leo woman is unlikely to be a tame affair. Love for her is not about being buddies or pining away in devotion. It is a grand passion to be played out with all the flamboyance and intensity of a leonine temperament.  In fact Leo men and women like to have a bit of theatricality in their love lives. So if you want to retain the interest of your Leo girlfriend, make sure that you add an element of thrill or drama to your relationship. Surprising her with extravagant gestures, arranging meetings in out-of-the-way settings and indulging in some role-play will go a long way in keeping her hooked to you.

Like all other members of this Zodiac, a Leo woman too loves to have a large family about her. Think of the lion in the jungle surrounded by his pride and lording over them. However like the lion too, she is unlikely to be interested in the actual running of a house or the bringing up of children. Family for her means all the more people to enjoy with and look up to her. The daily routine of a domestic life is likely to bore her since she is happiest playing the queen of the house. Interestingly, a Leo can be quite sentimental about his or her family, so expect your Leo girlfriend to cry buckets on family weddings and reunions but then happily place herself at the center of the crowd for the family shoot.

A Leo’s tendency to seek the limelight can at times lead to vanity and an obsession with the self. She may be slow to understand someone else’s feelings and slower to respond to them. The emotional connection that is so necessary in a relationship may be lacking since a Leo woman is primarily concerned with her own needs and desires. Partners can feel pushed to the sidelines if a Leo insists on taking the center stage all the time. A successful relationship requires both partners to be receptive of each other’s needs and emotions. Having said that, loyalty and honor score highly with Leo lovers. She may be happiest with admiring friends and family around her, but once she gives her heart to you, she is unlikely to cheat on you. At the same time, what she wants is respect and fidelity from her partner in the long run, much more than attention and expensive baubles.

Again a Leo’s self-obsessed nature may appear overbearing and autocratic at times. The know-it-all attitude can be put up with only for so long. You may find your Leo girlfriend believe that only she knows best and no other opinion matters. In fact if met with opposition, a Leo can be roused to a fearful rage and be goaded into hasty even destructive actions.

Like the element – Fire – associated with this Zodiac much about the Leo is intense and fiery. They make one of the most romantic of all lovers, are devoted and generous. But an exclusive concern with their own selves can also make them selfish and insensitive at times. Interestingly however, beneath that shiny vain exterior, a Leo woman may be curiously insecure. She may need repeated assurances of your love to know that when the lights are dimmed and the show is over, you will be still waiting for her, that she can come back to you at the end of it all.