Libra Ascendant - Profile and Characteristics of Libra Rising


Libra rising denotes a courteous, affable, kind, and affectionate disposition. The fate is largely in the hands of others, and there is very small ability to mould or alter circumstances, the natives being controlled principally by feeling and intuition more than reason. The native is keen of observation, fond of comparing, and generally very artistic, refined and truly sympathetic. There is not much energy or incentive to action, and consequently the life tends to run in a groove and the native is very much disposed to lean on others.

The second decanate of Libra rising accentuates the sympathetic side of the nature, and increases the love of approval and general adaptation of the sign Libra. The native may become remarkably intuitive, and generally takes a keen delight in social intercourse, loving and  appreciating all that pertains the social side of life. The fate is affected by friends and associates, so much so as to make the native a slave to friends and attachments. Such lives are generally bound up with others, although they may be strangers in their own homes by the peculiarity of their magnetic conditions.

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The third decanate of the sign Libra rising weakens the influence of the sign as a whole, and tends to make the life more or less unfortunate. The fate is affected by the state of the mind indicated by the horoscope ; when restlessness and lack of continuity are shown the native is a smatterer, and although curious and apparently intellectual is often very foolish and ignorant, lacking 'common sense.' If the horoscope is favourable there is a tendency to improve the fate through educational
When the first decanate of Libra ascends the planet Venus and the conditions of the seventh house affect the native chiefly.

When the second decanate of Libra ascends the planet Saturn decides the general welfare for good or ill, but in the horoscopes of very advanced egos Uranus influences the life, especially if the native is free from family ties or attachments of all kinds. Note the eleventh house especially.

When the third decanate of Libra ascends the aspects of Mercury and the occupants of the third house affect the native.