The Three Decans of Libra


The first decan of Libra is ruled by Moon.

A genial but weak nature, easily influenced by women, and disposed to extravagance and unsteady habits; clever in general business 'natters, frequently changing his pursuits or position; a changeful and restless mind, halting between two courses; gains honour and position by public business, and has a chance of acquiring some property in land or houses.

The second decan of Libra is ruled by alum.

Grief and troubles are shown, but success in the end of life. The native falls and rises in life from his own fault or merit. Fondness for the home life and steadfastness in the affections are characteristics of this decan. In most cases the native is poor, and has some trouble in the marriage state.

The third decan of Libra is ruled by Jupiter.

A generous, kind, and amiable nature; well-balanced and fruitful mind; happy marriage and much wealth; many journeys; faithful friend and generous enemy are signified.  The native is beloved for his justice and probity.