Libra - characteristics and profile of the Libra man, woman, child and baby


For the Libran (September 24 to October 23) almost everything has to be 'weighed in the balance' - no astrological type has a stronger sense of justice and fair play. Sometimes this can result in a Libran behaving in a positively miserly way. He or she will work out, almost to the penny, the cost of a birthday present which has been received so that he/she can reciprocate exactly when the giver's birthday comes along. This tendency to balance everything, to believe that something is wrong if one side of the scales that symbolize the Libran personality is more heavily weighted than the other, extends beyond money values. Librans tend to have balanced and moderate political and religious views, to like pleasure and luxury but to reject debauchery and greed, to eat enough ~o be neither fat nor thin, to take a moderate amount of exercise, and so on. If, however, the psychological balance of a pure Libran is tipped strongly to one side or the other of the scales, he/she can become very extreme indeed. When this happens it is as a result of persuasion by others - Librans are easily influenced.

Libran personalities include and have included Mahatma Gandhi; the writers Graham Greene, T. S. Eliot and William Faulkner; the composer Franz Liszt; the actress Brigitte Bardot and - an example of the Libran balance decisively tipping in a particular direction - the occultist Aleister Crowley.


Sexuality and the Emotions

Libra is a sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet Venus, and pure Librans, male or female, tend to have many supposedly feminine qualities - gentleness, a romantic nature, a taste for beautiful objects, and so on. This sometimes results in a strongly Libran man being regarded as slightly effeminate when this is not, in fact, the case. Librans of either sex have a great charm which arouses feelings of affection and love in many of those they encounter. Their main fault is to be too romantic - to let their hearts rule their heads. Once Librans are fully involved in an emotional relationship their sense of balance comes into full play. They give back precisely the same amount of warm affection and sexual passion as they receive.

General Characteristics

The pure Libran sometimes gains a reputation for laziness and, certainly, few individuals are more likely to procrastinate than the Libran. He/she will write to that old friend who is in a difficult situation tomorrow, not today; something will be done about getting someone to repair the roof next week, not this; next year, not this, he/she will decide whether to take out a new insurance policy. . . Usually this procrastination results not from laziness but from a chronic inability to make decisions, due to the fact that a Libran is always able to see all the pros and cons of a given course of action, and to him or her they seem very finely balanced.

When Libran indecision is allied with the Libran love of comfort, good food and pleasant surroundings, the impression of laziness is increased - a typical Libran can seem almost pathologically idle. Nevertheless, when a Libran does at last act the action is usually energetic and decisive and achieves, sometimes to the surprise of others, exactly the desired result. A notable characteristic of the pure Libran is an intense dislike of disputes, quarrels and arguments. He/she will sometimes so sedulously avoid these that an impression of weakness is given - but the person who attempts to take advantage of the Libran's gentleness, courtesy and seeming weakness will often regret it. An iron hand often lies concealed within the Libran velvet glove.


Librans are rarely happy in a career which involves constant decision-making. It is not that they are invariably unsuccessful in such jobs - when Librans have to make decisions they usually make the right ones - but that the processes involved in weighing up the pros and cons cause them real mental agony. Provided that no frequent decisions are called for, Librans are happy working at almost anything so long as it is in pleasant surroundings; if the job involves the Libran using his/her artistic flair and design sense, so much the better. Whatever their occupations, however, Librans must avoid being too gentle and agreeable, otherwise they will find that they are doing others' work as well as their own. Librans enjoy living in almost any pleasant home environment, but they are particularly happy if their homes are set in rich and verdant countryside.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.