Mars in the Fourth House


Mars in the fourth is a very unfavourable and unfortunate position. causing the close of life to be perilous and fraught with many trials and troubles. It denotes quarrels with parents, and many disputes in the home life, domestic affairs going wrong and causing much unpleasantness and many misunderstandings, with probable strife, and if Mars is afflicted by either Saturn or Uranus, danger of violence and a sudden terminus. If Mars is well aspected in this house it will show energy and force, and much enterprise, but a liability of error through impulse is also shown. Mercury afflicted by Mars from the fourth house denotes feeling and passion to be in excess of thougiit and reason. Uranus afflicting Mars, there is a danger of suicide or insanity, which may be hereditary. This position of Mars denotes inherited tendencies, and shows a life that is more or less fatalistic. Troubles through the dwelling-house and house property ; danger of fire and accidents therein. It sometimes gives an unruly nature.