Mars in the Ninth House


Mars in the ninth house denotes an over-enthusiastic nature with regard to religious and philosophical subjects, and tends to destroy reason or to allow impulse and desire to overrule the mind. If much afflicted it gives fanatical, irregular, bigoted or sceptical opinions on religious matters ; if well aspected a zealous and enterprising mind. This is not a good position unless the native is shown to exercise self- control, when it will probably destroy any preconceived or orthodox beliefs, and give liberty and freedom of thought, which will be far from conventional or stereotyped. Much will depend upon the sign Mars occupies. In the fiery signs there will be rebellious tendencies and over-much impulse. In the earthy signs the position is better than in the watery signs, but when in the airy signs there will be grave tendency to overstep the boundary of reason. This position gives some danger from voyages, travels, litigation, etc.