Mars in the Tenth House


Mars in the tenth house denotes an ambitious and masterful spirit. It is favourable for success in business or profession, since the energy of the native is able to carry him through the turbulent and stormy periods he will experience in the business world. The native does not prosper when in business for himself, unless in an occupation of the nature of Mars, and this planet well aspected. The animal and passional side of the nature is likely to override the intellectual, and impulse or feeling to be much more prominent than reason. The native will not escape scandal or ill-repute, whether deserved in the present life or not. If afflicted by Uranus, the native either becomes immoral or is carried away by impulse and commits some rash act. Afflicted by Saturn the native is vindictive, resentful, and unforgiving, or overcritical and sceptical. Afflicted by Jupiter, improvident and wasteful, or over-enthusiastic and self-deceptive. If well aspected the native is courageous and brave, but acts more from impulse and instinct than reason.