Mars in the Twelfth House


Mars in the twelfth house denotes strange and unfortunate adventures, in which grave dangers to the native are to be apprehended if he is shown to act more from impulse than reason ; to decide this the position and aspects of Mercury must be studied. The native is liable to false imprisonment, treachery through misplaced affection, and injuries from enemies. In some cases this position denotes poverty, or a difficulty to make headway, especially if Mars is placed in Libra or Pisces. Those having this position would do well to avoid spiritualistic seances, mediumship, etc., for there may be danger of obsession. If afflicted by:

Uranus: Detention in an asylum ; tendencies to violence.
Saturn: Imprisonment is shown.
Jupiter: Ruin financially and socially.
Moon: A sad end to the life.

The good aspects of the Sun and Venus improve this position ; but it is more unfortunate than favourable, unless Mars rules the fourth, in which case the native may create his own dignity.