Mars Aspects Sun - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Mars Aspects Sun – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In any aspect, this increases the anima, passions and vigour of the body. In good aspect, the native has much `fire,' great energy and vigour, and achieves much; he pushes his way with intensity of purpose, and having also much perseverance he is seldom thwarted. He has the ability to command and control others, but more through energy and strength of will than through subtlety of purpose. This position gives ability in games or pursuits involving muscular exercise rather than skill,—although if Mars is in an airy sign this same martial energy may take an intellectual direction: it strongly favours all Mars occupations; also legacy from a parent (probably father); and the birth of sons.

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In conjunction or bad aspect, there is likelihood of the death of, separation from or disfavour of a parent (probably father), and a child (probably son). The native is too precipitate, rash, aggressive, proud or over-bearing, and loses the esteem of superiors, parents or the public on this account. In conjunction, may receive a legacy: in bad aspect, less chance of it, and is troubled through the goods of the dead; this latter more especially if one or both planets are in negative signs. His health or life may be in danger from martial diseases, accidents, surgical operations, assaults, quarrels, etc. There is some possibility of heart disease.

If Mars or the Sun be dignified by sign, the evil is lessened, and there is an accession rather of energy and executive power than of destructiveness, quarrelsomeness, or precipitancy.