Mars Aspects Venus - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Mars Aspects Venus – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect this is fortunate for money, whether earned by the native's own exertion, gained by partnership, by association with someone, by marriage, or by legacy. It favours money by any occupation of the four signs or houses ruled, especially the first and eighth; occupations involving personal energy, personal responsibility, personal initiative; all those ruled by Mars; any occupation connected with the dead or the goods of the dead in any way, or directly or indirectly with marriage. The native will part with money freely in social life and may launch out freely in business, for advertisement, for show, for good fellowship; it is, in fact, apt to be 'easy come, easy go '; money is earned or spent in connection with the opposite sex, ornaments, finery, adornment, art, music, singing, the stage, etc. It is also fortunate for love, marriage, social popularity and attachments in general. The marriage or attachment will be to one signified by either of the two planets, but more especially Mars; and to one following any occupation of the four houses, but more especially those of the first and eighth. The marriage will be either for money, or to a moneyed person, or a marriage of passionate attachment; otherwise, love at first sight, or an early or quick marriage. The native will be very susceptible to the attractions of the opposite sex.

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The conjunction is largely evil but not always wholly so; for a good deal depends upon which planet is the stronger, and whether the sign and house harmonise with either of the planets or not.

In bad aspect there will be loss of money from carelessness, extravagance, or dishonesty of some kind, and this may come through any matter signified by the four signs or the houses they occupy in the horoscope; from launching out too freely in enterprises, from the fault or misfortune of the marriage or business partner, or from the dishonesty or misfortune of any person associated with the native. There is likelihood of the loss of a legacy, or money troubles connected with matters pertaining to the dead; the loss of money by marriage or through the opposite sex; or else loss through dissipated habits. It is bad for love and marriage and for all association with the opposite sex; the lover or marriage partner may die, or there will be separation or desertion. In extreme cases, where the rest of the horoscope accords, there will be danger to health or life to or from the opposite sex. The native manifests, or suffers from, jealousy; love turned to hatred; loss and opposition from former friends; or is involved In quarrels and enmity, secret or open. His popularity, social or otherwise, is endangered at times.