Mars Aspects Mercury - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Mars Aspects Mercury – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, this combination sharpens the wits makes the mind quick, bright, alert and lively, and gives humour, wit sarcasm and satire. It throws a great deal of energy, force and activity into all matters signified by the third and sixth houses. It gives some manual dexterity in the direction of drawing, designing, carving, sculpture, and all that is necessary for music, conjuring, etc., and for many kinds of mechanical work. It is fortunate for any activity of the third or sixth houses that depends upon energy, activity and individual enterprise; this combination tending to make such activities arise spontaneously from within the mind rather than impressed from without by force of circumstances. It gives ability and some inclination for alchemy, chemistry, science, and investigation of the mysteries and secrets of nature, for medicine, drugs, sanitation, engineering. It is slightly favourable for joining literary or occult societies or associations, or for making friends signified by either of the four signs ruled by the planets. Legacies may be received from, or money gained through, association with persons signified by the third or sixth houses. It is good for health and digestion, and the native benefits in health by drugs and sanitary methods, and may be inclined to use them frequently. The last four sentences apply more especially when the aspect falls from negative signs.

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The conjunction is partly good and partly bad; it partakes to a large extent of the nature of the evil aspects, but may also show much of the good.

In evil aspect, while rendering the mind acute and active, as with the good aspects, and giving wit, dexterity of mind and hand, there is danger of overwork mentally, excitement and rashness. It gives good intellectual powers, but tends to the matter-of-fact, argumentative, or materialistic, rather than the imaginative or spiritual. If a writer or speaker he arouses opposition, criticism and; sometimes by his sharp tongue or pen or injudicious actions; sometimes by little apparent fault of his own. Liable to scandalous reports, discreditable rumours, libel; or to originate such about other people, according to the general tone of the horoscope. Likely to disagree or quarrel with brethren, associates, friends. It brings trouble or obstacles through the affairs governed by the four signs, and accident, disease or malformation of any part of the body signified by these signs, the nervous system especially, such as neuralgia, sleeplessness, headache, etc. Danger while travelling whether by land or water; also from wounds, from surgical operations drugs, tools, instruments, electricity, scientific experiments, etc.; may contract some drug `habit'; danger from quarrels, and from servants or inferiors; possibility of suicide. Death of brethren, friends, agents, servants. If other influences in the horoscope co-operate, but only in this case, such an aspect as this may unhinge the mind or cause delusions or mania of a violent type.