Mars in the twelfth house denotes strange and unfortunate adventures, in which grave dangers to the native are to be apprehended if he is shown to act more from impulse than reason ; to decide this the position and aspects of Mercury must be studied. The native is liable to false imprisonment, treachery through misplaced affection, and injuries from enemies. In some cases this position denotes poverty, or a difficulty to make headway, especially if Mars is placed in Libra or Pisces.

Mars in the eighth house indicates a liability to a violent or sudden death. If much afflicted this is a very evil position, but Mars alone in this house will not kill the native, although the end whenever it comes will be sudden and after an illness of short duration or by shock or accident. It will be necessary to note the sign Mars occupies at birth : if a watery sign there is danger of death by drowning, if a fiery sign death by fire or violence, if an airy sign mental affliction ; when in an earthy sign Mars is not so evil.

Mars in the eleventh house shows few real friends, but several acquaintances whose influence upon the native is not in any way likely to add to his reputation. If Mars is in a watery or airy sign this position denotes friends who will turn enemies. if afflicted by :

Neptune: Dipsomaniacs or very questionable characters.

Uranus: Very tragic and fateful friendships.

Saturn: Violence or grievous injury.

Mars in the fifth house denotes a very unsettled and inharmonious home life, in which discord and disputes are frequent.Impulsive, sudden, and unfortunate attractions towards the opposite sex, and an over-ardent, emotional nature is shown by this position. It inclines toward rash speculation, and if much afflicted shows gambling and prodigal tendencies. If Mars and Jupiter are in evil aspect there will be a waste of the vital forces through unrestrained feelings, and if Venus is also in affliction ruin through the opposite sex is denoted.

Mars in the fourth is a very unfavourable and unfortunate position. causing the close of life to be perilous and fraught with many trials and troubles. It denotes quarrels with parents, and many disputes in the home life, domestic affairs going wrong and causing much unpleasantness and many misunderstandings, with probable strife, and if Mars is afflicted by either Saturn or Uranus, danger of violence and a sudden terminus. If Mars is well aspected in this house it will show energy and force, and much enterprise, but a liability of error through impulse is also shown.

Mars in the ninth house denotes an over-enthusiastic nature with regard to religious and philosophical subjects, and tends to destroy reason or to allow impulse and desire to overrule the mind. If much afflicted it gives fanatical, irregular, bigoted or sceptical opinions on religious matters ; if well aspected a zealous and enterprising mind. This is not a good position unless the native is shown to exercise self- control, when it will probably destroy any preconceived or orthodox beliefs, and give liberty and freedom of thought, which will be far from conventional or stereotyped.

Mars in the seventh house when afflicted denotes quarrels and unpleasant conditions in the marriage state. It is very unfavourable in a male horoscope, denoting a wife that is combative and over-forceful. In a female horoscope it is also evil and is somewhat disastrous to the husband, showing the probability of a violent death. If Mars is afflicted in the seventh, separation through the uncontrolled temper and passionate nature of the partner is denoted.


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