Mercury Rising - Mercury in the First House or Ascendant


MERCURY denotes the mental capacities, and is therefore very potent when placed in the ascendant. In general it gives business ability, but being a convertible planet it is greatly affected by the influence of aspects. It largely absorbs the nature of the sign in which it is placed, being further modified or intensified by the influence it receives from other planets. Its influence is most potent in the earlier part of life, especially during the period of youth. When the mind is shown to be more active than the senses, being given over to learning, Mercury is very greatly affected by the influence of the first planet whose aspect it meets in the horoscope.

Mercury in Aries : Clever ; optimistic ; fiery ; exaggerative ; fluent in speech.
Mercury in Taurus : Adhesive ; obstinate ; plodding ; musical and intuitive.
Mercury in Gemini : Perceptive ; shrewd ; mathematical ; scientific ; amiable.
Mercury in Cancer : Adaptable ; changeable ; restless ; discreet ; versatile.
Mercury in Leo : Bombastic ; determined ; ambitious ; organising.
Mercury in Virgo : Intellectual ; literary ; capable ; ingenious ; eloquent.
Mercury in Libra : Learned ; musical or artistic ; refined ; fine comparison.
Mercury in Scorpio : Ingenious ; fond of occult, mysticism, or secrecy.
Mercury in Sagittarius : Talkative ; passionate ; inspirational ; ambitious ; aspiring.
Mercury in Capricorn : Irritable ; suspicuous ; discontented ; penetrative ; scientific.
Mercury in Aquarius : Eloquent ; gifted ; metaphysical ; fond of useful work.
Mercury in Pisces : Superficial ; imitative ; or few ides but many schemes.