Mercury in the Third House


Mercury in the third house indicates one fond of learning, studious and generally mirthful, alert, and active mentally. Eager to investigate science, or any new thought, fond of reading, literature and all things that enlighten and tend to expand the understanding. This house is wholly mental, being (analogically) the positive station of Mercury : it therefore gives a love of writing and speaking, and tends to quicken all expressions of the mind in every form. The following are the indications when we find Mercury in good aspect to : Neptune, humorous, dreamy, poetical and mystical in thought ; Uranus, intuition and a love of advanced thought ; Saturn, profound and deep thought ; Jupiter, judgment and reason is denoted ; Mars, mechanical or mathematical skill. If Mercury is afflicted the mind is wayward and prone to worry and fret. If afflicted by : Neptune, vague or morbid fancies and impracticable schemes ; Uranus, precipitate and 'wrong-headed,' or cantankerous ; Saturn, much melancholy is denoted ; Jupiter, danger of hypocrisy and deceit ; Mars, untruthfulness or exaggeration. Much will depend upon the sign on the third as to how the affliction of Mercury will affect the mind, for in some cases this affliction denotes reform and eccentricity though with good motives ; but generally it is a very unfortunate affliction, giving some liability to insanity. Mercury in the third house denotes gain by travel through the expansion of the mind, if well aspected. It also denotes much thought or anxiety concerning the affairs of relatives.