Mercury in the Eleventh House


Here's what it signifies to have Mercury in the eleventh house:

Mercury in the eleventh house denotes friends who appeal to the mind more than the feelings, also in a general sense those who are younger than the native ; but if afflicted, deceitful and false friends are shown. The sign Mercury occupies will show the nature of the friends. When in:

Aries: Quarrelsome and assertive acquaintances.
Taurus: Dogmatic and stubborn yet faithful friends.
Gemini: Clever and accomplished friends.
Cancer: Peculiar attachments to inferiors.
Leo: Noble friendships and much help from others.
Virgo: Learned friends who are clever and well disposed.
Libra: Artistic friendships and good acquaintances.
Scorpio: Treacherous and mischievous acquaintances.
Sagittarius: Friends showy and clever but shallow.
Capricorn: Crafty and untrustworthy acquaintances.
Aquarius: Faithful and sincere friendships.
Pisces: Talkative and Inquisitive acquaintances.

The native should be careful not to become surety for others If Mercury is afflicted, especially if by Jupiter.