Moon in various signs.

Full moon 'not related to psychological problems'

Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): Contrary to popular belief, the full moon does not increase the incidence of psychological problems, researchers have revealed.

Moon in the Twelfth House

Moon in the twelfth house denotes a life in which restrictions and limitations play a prominent part. This is the ideal position for a monk or nun, a hospital surgeon or nurse, for it favours all out-of-sight sympathy or work. The native will either carry the secret of another, or have some secrets of his own which would injure him if known to others. This position gives a love of occultism, mystery or romance.

Moon in the Eleventh House

Moon in the eleventh house, if fairly well placed and aspected, gives a large number of acquaintances, either of a social and domestic character, or among the general public, equals, and inferiors : more acquaintances than friends in fact. It is good for family life and for the sociable and domestic side of the nature, giving ability to fraternise and mix easily with other people : it is also good for the native's children. It is necessary to note the sign that the Moon occupies when in this house, also the nature of the aspects formed.

Moon in the Fourth House

Moon in the fourth house denotes much fluctuation of circumstances and many changes of residence at the close of life. It is only a favourable position when the Moon is well aspected at birth, when it denotes probable gain by inheritance and some reputation or popularity through one or both of the parents. It is a frequent indication of adoption, or early separation from the home sphere.

Moon in the Second House

Moon indicates money derived from the mother or her side of the family, from females, or from inferiors through the employment of labour. It indicates subordinate positions, the employee rather than the employer, unless it is elevated or rules the mid-heaven ; arid it has a general signification of occupations that are connected with the water or liquids, with the masses and the general public rather than with superiors or the few. It gives more thrift and prudence in money matters than does the Sun.

Moon in the Seventh House

Moon in the seventh house in a female horoscope denotes some romance in married life and a partner whose affections fluctuate. Unless the Moon is well aspected this is not a very favourable position. It should not be taken as the sole significator in a male horoscope, but it must be considered as an important factor in producing marriage. It favours early marriage, and if alone in the seventh without aspects marriage will probably take place between twenty-four and twenty-eight. The marriage partner will be fond of change and travel and not always constant in affection.

Moon in the Sixth House

Moon in the sixth house denotes a liability to suffer in health through changes and fluctuating causes ; it is particularly inimical during the infantile stage, and if much afflicted shows danger of an early death. The health is always liable to break down when under adverse lunar influences. If afflicted by : Sun or Uranus, the digestion is usually impaired by this position, and the native becomes a dyspeptic ; Mars, inflammatory complaints ; Saturn, chronic diseases are shown.

Moon in the Tenth House

Moon in the tenth house denotes fame and publicity, fluctuation and change in business, or occupation. Ephemeral success without permanent stability or assured position. If afflicted this will bring notoriety and scandal. If well aspected many advantageous and desirable changes. In cardinal signs it denotes great ambition and a very active life. In fixed signs more stability and perseverance, but less activity and change or progress. In mutable signs less fortune and more ability without adequate opportunity.

Moon in the Third House

Moon in the third house shows native to be changeable and inconsistent in mental pursuits ; very curious and inquisitive ; fond of enquiring into all kinds of knowledge, ever possessing a fund of information and superficial learning, but lacking in continuity and stability. Fond of publicity, and eager to know all that is going on under any conditions. Much depends upon the aspects of the Moon from the third house to the various planets as to whether the above will be modified or accentuated.

Moon in the Fifth House

Moon in the fifth house denotes much fluctuation in all speculative affairs, and much activity and change in all enterprise. It gives a love of pleasure and a peculiar aptitude to gain pleasure out of amusement. It denotes changeable and fickle affections, and an engagement with the opposite sex which may quite absorb the life even although the object of the native's affection may be not in the least worthy of the affection or attention shown.

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