Moon in the Ninth House


Moon in the ninth house denotes a keen imagination, a mind receptive to higher thought ideals, and the ability to study or understand metaphysical subjects. It gives a love for travel and denotes many changes in the life and those chiefly of a beneficial and improving nature. If afflicted : by Mars, affects the religious tendencies, either giving over-enthusiasm, or peculiar and unorthodox views ; by Saturn, sorrow and grief through religious difficulties ; by Uranus, a tendency to become too romantic, dreamy and visionary. If well aspected : native is fond of investigating new subjects, and is generally penetrative and very reflective ; gains success through travel and takes a deep interest in all modern modes of transit. This position denotes an ingenious mind, inventive, full of plans and progressive ideas. If afflicted by the Sun this is an evil position, tending to cause brain troubles.