Neptune in the Fourth House


Neptune in the fourth house denotes an unfavourable close to the life, living under some peculiar restraint or in some especial retirement in the latter portion, or placed in unpleasant positions at the end. It denotes very unusual and unique domestic conditions. Not infrequently the native is compelled to reside in houses or locations where the magnetic conditions are unfavourable or exhausting, and he or she is, always liable to a certain amount of psychic vampirisation by others. It is probable that all who have Neptune in the fourth have something in the nature of a skeleton in the cupboard in connection with their family affairs. The native may be subject to fraud or be guilty of fraudulent action toward the end of his life. If the horoscope is not a very favourable one, then troubles of various kinds are denoted by this position. It is a position which gives uncommon and exceptional events, the exact nature of which none can accurately predict. If afflicted by the luminaries, the health suffers ; and if afflicting Mercury, the mind is disordered. The good aspects to Neptune will bring peculiar benefits and some psychic experiences.