Neptune Rising - Understanding Neptune in the First House or Ascendant


Neptune rising gives psychic ability, and when the native is advanced he acts under inspiration; having the power to see far into the future ; when perverted, however, this influence acts most disastrously, giving mediumistic and receptive tendencies which open the way for obsession and strange phantasies. The influence of Neptune is not yet fully known by modern astrologers, and much of the information current with regard to its nature is purely speculative. Its general influence tends to the inversion of motives.

Neptune in Aries : Imaginative ; subtle ; poetical ; changeable ; full of schemes and plans.
Neptune in Taurus : Artistic ; refined ; sensuous ; musical ; some artistic genius.
Neptune in Gemini : Humorous ; inventive ; literary ; comprehensive mentality ; poetic.
Neptune in Cancer : Wayward ; difficult to know ; emotionally changeable ; sympathetic.
Neptune in Leo : Romantic love nature ; capable of going to great lengths ; enterprising.
Neptune in Virgo : Extremely sensitive ; retiring ; mysterious : artistic ; reserved.
Neptune in Libra : Poetical and visionary ; gentle and refined ; somewhat sensuous.
Neptune in Scorpio : Mysterious ; elusive ; fond of self-concealment ; proud.
Neptune in Sagittarius : Inspirational ; utopian in ideas ; sympathetic ; highly imaginative.
Neptune in Capricorn : Crafty ; subtle and designing ; apt to be extremely selfish.
Neptune in Aquarius : Broad-minded ; humanitarian ; deep insight into human nature.
Neptune in Pisces : Fond of dumb animals ; sympathetic ; some crazy notions.