The Pisces Child - Characteristics of Pisces Children


Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac calendar. Born in between 19th February and 20th March, Pisceans are sensitive, sympathetic and highly imaginative. Here are a few insights on what it may be like to raise a Pisces child.

Extremely sensitive beings

The one trait that perhaps marks all Pisceans is their extremely sensitive personality. While Scorpios are marked by the vehemence and the extremity of their emotions, Pisces are acutely sensitive to the smallest change and nuances of feelings. They - including little Pisceans - are not only in touch with their own inner selves but are also extremely sensitive to the emotional needs and moods of their partners. This makes a Piscean child one of the sweetest and most caring among the little ones of the all the zodiac signs. It is a delight to watch your young Piscean look out for even smaller kids or their own younger siblings. It is as though he/she knows instinctively what others need or what will make them feel better.
Being so sensitive to moods and emotions of others, it is easy to discipline Piscean children. A cross look is probably all that is required to keep them in line. You may not even be required to raise your voice since shouting at them is akin to physical punishment. The best way to put your point across is to gently explain to them what is amiss and what they can do to put things right. Sometimes a hurt Piscean might withdraw deep into themselves and seem to sulk and be difficult. Let them take their time on these occasions – once they feel positive and confident enough, they will emerge from their depths of their comfort zone; just make sure your little Piscean knows that you are there and that they can always count on your love and support.

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Wish to remain a little aloof

The downside of a Piscean’s extreme sensitive personality is that they easily tend to get hurt. So even from their early years, Pisceans build up their own defense mechanism in the way they remain slightly aloof from their peers and playmates. This is probably why many Pisces are mistaken as snobs when they are really protecting themselves from potential heartbreak. Here as a parent you need to teach them that while it is necessary to watch out for yourself, unless one trusts others and opens up to them, there is little scope for building meaningful relationships. Have an active social circle of close friends and family members yourself and your Pisces child will see first-hand that it is possible to have close and yet trustworthy attachments. However don’t ever expect your Pisces child to go all the way and transform into a bundle of energy or get involved in the rough and tumble of childish games like an Aries kid – Pisceans are simply born with a certain regality and will always go about like little princesses and princes, with their royal little noses ever so slightly up in the air.

Wise little beings

Unlike the brilliant intellect of a Gemini, the Piscean intelligence is of a different kind. From the time they are able to comprehend the world, you will notice that your little Piscean has a wise, almost ancient gaze about him/her. It is as though they have already lived many lifetimes and again come back on earth to make it a better place to live with their fruits of their wisdom and understanding. One way in which this intelligence expresses itself is through a very vivid imagination. Pisceans are born story-tellers and your little one will thrill you with some of the most amazing tales or even real-life scenarios that may have never crossed your mind. In fact most Pisces children have very vivid dreams. Many of them also show an early interest in psychic phenomena. If the mystical tendencies are nurtured and encouraged, a Pisces child can grow into a true medium, psychologist or healer.

However sometimes their fertile imagination can run away with them and make them appear to be telling fibs, especially to adults who cannot understand the world of fantasy. At such times remember that your child does not tell these farfetched stories to annoy the practical and responsible adults around them, but rather to entertain and to share their lovely visions of how life is in their minds. And unless this trait leads to a disciplinary problem, try to encourage their brilliant imagination – the real world and its prosaic realities will only too soon catch up with them. In fact if they can nurture this oasis of imaginative space as they grow up and make their way through the arid world of jobs and careers, they will have an incredibly meaningful if not always materially successful life. Indeed you might have already noticed in your Piscean child, the beginnings of a natural poet, an artist, an actress, an avid reader or movie lover.  It is also quite possible that your Pisces will have a natural leaning towards spirituality, with or without your teachings.  

Surround them with love

It is extremely rewarding to raise Pisces children because of their sweet, caring and deeply perceptive natures. They are some of the most nurturing children that you can find in their age group. If you happen to remark casually that you are have a headache, your little one will quietly leave so as to leave you to rest but come back after a few hours to enquire how you are feeling now – when you may have yourself forgotten all about the headache. Because of this sensitive and caring nature, Pisces children often attract others among their peers who need a pep-talk or kind word or two. However you should take care that this natural desire to help others does not make your Pisces child over-commit themselves. Very often they can be found promising to help out several of their playmates only to end up overwrought and breathless. Here as a parent you not only need to teach them time-management skills but also to say ‘no’ sometimes. Remember refusing a friend is hard on Pisces kids who cringe from inflicting any hurt but explain it to them that over-commitment will only lead to a situation where they will be of no help to anyone at all.

Finally make sure that your Pisces child is surrounded by love and harmony. Due to their extremely sensitive natures, any kind of stress, especially at home, can really get them down. However Pisces kids are far from delicate creatures they are thought to be; they can endure a great deal of hardship when defending a cause they believe in. So equip them with the tools of self-reliance and emotional strength and they will be empowered to turn the world of their beautiful dreams into reality.