The Pisces Boss - Traits and Characteristics


The twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac calendar, Pisces is associated with creativity, imagination and empathy. People with this sign are born between 20th February and 20th March and are ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Here are a few insights on what it may be to be working for a Pisces boss.

Fluid creative minds

Pisceans are known for their immense creativity which makes them something of an oddity in the higher rungs of the corporate ladder. Instead of being straitjacketed into narrow confines of the rational and practical or pursuing something as mundane as money, Pisceans would much rather prefer giving form and shape to their boundless creative genius. This is why most successful Pisceans appear to belong to the ranks of writers, actors, artists, musicians and others who have the freedom to work on their own. Even when they excel in the financial or corporate sector, they are most likely to be found as self-employed professionals or independent consultants. So if you have a Piscean for a boss, most probably you both are involved in a profession that has at least some creative basis. In fact they make highly efficient bosses in fields like advertising, radio, television and even public relations which often require out-of-the-box inventive ideas to remain ahead in cut-throat competition. All this makes Pisces bosses somewhat partial to the creative thinkers in the team – so if you have a couple of ideas fermenting in your brain, don’t hesitate to express them before your boss. 

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Highly imaginative

Closely associated with their innate creativity, goes the Piscean’s fertile imagination. A Piscean finds it impossible to be restricted to the cold facts of logic and reason and instead he/she delights ranging in the boundless space of the imagination. While not apparently suitable for taking hard-headed executive decisions, Piscean bosses can amaze employees by springing up ideas which can often deal with a problem more effectively than a conventional solution. For instance while a Piscean boss might not seem interested in the administrative responsibilities of heading a brokerage firm, he/she might be a competent stockbroker and a shrewd trader. This is because with his/her quick, clever mind and his sometimes uncanny grasp of figures, a Piscean boss can have a lot of fun juggling the points of fluctuating shares, though it will be more like a game to them than actual work.

The flipside of a Piscean’s highly imaginative mind is that they tend to neglect the practical side of affairs. Day-to-day administrative hassles as well as credit and debit accounts are likely to bore them as much as the thought of pursuing contracts just for the sake of making more money. So when you see a Piscean successfully heading a travel agency or a luxury club, you know that there is an army of highly astute book-keepers and housekeepers in the background. At times the tendency to withdraw from the realistic world seems to smack of escapism – this is especially true when a Pisces has been hurt by someone close or experienced a major disappointment. On these occasions you might find your boss take off for a sudden vacation to his/her lakeside cottage or immerse him/herself in a depressive mood. Instead of seeking to curry favor with other aspirants to the chief’s chair, use this as an opportunity to show your boss you understand his/her inner compulsions.  You will not only come off as a loyal employee but also a more sensitive and humane one – qualities which are highly appreciated by Pisceans.

Immensely perceptive

One consequence of a Piscean’s highly imaginative minds is that it makes them acutely perceptive of others’ thoughts and feelings. If you thought you could discount your Pisces boss as an old fool with his/her heads perpetually in the clouds, watch out. They have an almost uncanny ability to tune into what is going in the heads of others around them. On one hand this makes for an empathetic and caring chief who will immediately sense when you have had a fight with your partner and even allow you to go home early. On the other however it also makes for an uncharacteristically shrewd boss who knows he/she must have people in the team who can deal with the mundane and monetary realties of running a business. For this reason you need to prove yourself as no mere dreamer in the workplace – even if you have drawn praises from your boss with your creative ideas, you also need to prove that you have a head for numbers or the ability to sniff out legal minutiae. A Pisces may seem to be a wool gatherer but actually he/she is a shrewd judge of human nature, including their own. Although they enjoy the company and the progressive contributions of the imagina­tive employees, they know that their own brand of creativity will work more smoothly when backed up by the careful planning and office discipline of the stodgy, practical members of the team.

Love reaching out to others

A Piscean because of their highly imaginative nature is immediately capable of putting themselves in another person’s shoes and view a situation with his or her perspective. This makes them deeply sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others and sometimes forces them to shrink back from uttering a sincere truth no matter how necessary it may be. So you may find your boss listen positively to one of your ideas one day only to be told by your team leader the next day that you all will be working along other lines. In fact your Pisces boss has very likely installed a Capricorn or Taurus as a middleman to deal with em­ployees who seek raises or days off with their sob stories. However on the upside a Pisces’ deeply sensitive soul makes them interested in human and philanthropic work which is why you can find many successful Pisceans heading social service groups or charitable trusts. And even if your own Piscean boss is not explicitly linked to the welfare sector, he/she will still have a soft spot for helping out the less fortunate around them. So you may find yourself along with other employees roped in for volunteer work at your local animal shelter organized by your boss. At such times go along with your boss’s ideas and avoid bunking such initiatives. You will not only keep your boss happy but also reap good karma for yourself.