The Pisces Employee - Personality and Characteristics


Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac calendar. Born in between 19th February and 20th March, Pisceans are sensitive, sympathetic and highly imaginative. Here are a few insights into what it is to have a Pisces working for you.

Highly imaginative

A defining quality of this zodiac is the Piscean’s highly imaginative mind. A Pisces loves to range free into a world far above the practical and the material, touching new ideas and dreams that no one has ever thought of before. It is this capacity for thinking new thoughts and capturing hitherto unrealized patterns that makes the Pisces perfect for professions which require a free imaginative mind. All kinds of artistic pursuits like music, drama, literature, visual arts, dance are thus the forte of the Piscean who can find in these the perfect medium to express his/her creativity and give shape to their boundless imagination. Now and then you might find a Piscean engaged in a mechanical occupation relating to mathematics, engineer­ing or computing, but he/she will always attack such subjects from the abstract point of view. Even though on the surface a Pisces may seem incompatible with the coldly rational and materialistic corporate world, they can be quite an asset in the creative section of an advertising business or a publishing firm where new ideas are constantly in demand. And in fact at times even the straitlaced legal and financial sections when stumped with a problem might find a Piscean’s out-of-the-box thinking more useful than conventional solutions. Finally Pisces people make excellent teachers; their empathetic imagination allows them an uncanny insight into the natures of their students and a deep grasp of the subject they teach.

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Individualistic bent of mind

The imaginative workings of the Pisces mind and their own creative genius makes it difficult for them to conform to conventional standards of professional behavior. A regimented nine-to-five routine for instance may not simply be the right way to get the best out this employee since his/her imagination may take flight at all odd hours of the day. Furthermore a Piscean might find it difficult to relate to other employees with a more down-to-earth temperament and make them understand the highly individual way their mind works. All these reasons make a Pisces happiest when working alone and thus you can find some of the most successful Pisceans as self-employed, freelancing or attached with small independent businesses. Even when they have made a name for themselves in their respective professions, they would much rather work as a consultant with a certain degree of freedom, rather than on the payroll of a large multinational corporation.

Acutely sensitive to surroundings

In order to have a happy Piscean working as part of a team, you need to ensure that he/she is surrounded by a positive and humane environment. No matter how much you agree to pay a Piscean, if he/she finds mean, aggressive people as his/her co-workers or the cold pursuit of money as the only motivation, you will find your employee gradually losing interest in work till he/she becomes disinterested, lazy and eventually disheartened. A Pisces is at his/her most productive when working among people who are not only cheerful but genuinely good at heart. This is completely unlike the shrewd Scorpio who can take on even the most duplicitous co-worker or the stodgy Taurus who will simply keep his/her counsel and allow no nonsense. A Pisces shares with Libra and Cancer an acute sensitivity to surroundings; if there is stress and cut-throat competition around, a Pisces tends to swim away whereas when surrounded by light and positivity a Pisces can surpass all expectations and come up with the best that his/her creative genius has to offer.

The gift of compassion

By now it is evident that you cannot make a Pisces work for you using the bait of money or even professional prestige which would have happily snared a Cancer or a Capricorn respectively. A Pisces will be happiest when giving shape to his/her imagination through a creative pursuit or engaged in a profession that is geared towards helping the less fortunate. The latter is an important motivation since Pisces tend to be compassionate to the core. The sight of someone suffering wrings the Pisces heart and often makes them commit their efforts and resources towards alleviation of others’ misery. This is one reason why many Pisces can be found working in service oriented professions like education, health and charity.

Inward looking

Pisces are introspective in nature and some of them may even seem introverts at first. Unlike an Aries who is only too happy to share his/her achievements with anyone willing to listen or a Gemini who needs an audience to thrive, the Pisces personality is markedly inward-looking. This is because they like keeping many of their own qualities under wraps and reveal them only at the right time and to the right people. So don’t be disconcerted if your Pisces recruit appears rather cautious and reserved over the first few months at the job. These individuals, as indicated by the symbol of the Pair of Fishes, swim in deep waters and are concerned with the inner processes of the self. And once they find that their environment is to their liking, they will turn out to be some of the most supportive and productive employees you have seen.

Extremely adaptable

Pisceans appear to have got some bad press about being dreamy and even escapists who cannot adjust to the real world. The truth however is that they are some of the best-natured and adaptable people you can come across. Because of the mutable quality of the zodiac, Pisces have fluid natures which can go with the flow or adjust to changing conditions and personalities. This quality not only makes for an extremely resourceful person to depend on in times of crises but also make highly agreeable  personalities to have around and you are likely to find your Pisces employee all this and more. For a boss who may have got the worst of an unrelenting Scorpio or an obstinate Taurus , the cool adaptability of a Piscean can make a most refreshing change.