Dating a Pisces Man - When you Fall in Love with a Piscean Guy


The twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac calendar, Pisces is synonymous with creativity, imagination and versatility. People with this sign are born between 20th February and 20th March and are ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. Here are a few insights on what it may be to have a relationship with a Pisces man.

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If you are dating a Pisces guy, you can look forward to an extremely emotionally fulfilling relationship. This is not only because Pisceans are in touch with their deeper selves but have the ability to tune into other’s emotions as well. So if you have just had an unpleasant taste of a Leo’s ego or a Scorpio’s obsessiveness, the love of a Piscean will come as a cool and soothing balm. He is more likely than others to perceive when you are anxious or upset and then able to draw out the reasons from you. At the same time, when you are happy about a promotion or a new hairdo, you can expect your Pisces man not only to notice it but make your day with some nice compliments. While this ability to be emotionally responsive is crucial for any meaningful relationship, it is especially rare to come across it in a man and thus one to be cherished whole-heartedly.

One reason why a Pisces guy is able to reach out emotionally to his partner is because of his highly imaginative nature. A Piscean is immediately capable of putting himself in another person’s shoes and view a situation with his or her perspective. This makes a Piscean lover naturally caring and sensitive to his partner’s needs and wishes, whether emotional or physical. The empathetic imagination with which a Piscean is inherently blessed is as rare as it is gratifying and very few other signs in the Zodiac can lay claim to such a deeply sensitive nature.

The fertile imagination of a Pisces can also make a love affair with him redolent with the perfume of romance. He is a guy who will sweep you off your feet to the land of the happily-ever-after and make you feel like the princess of a fairy tale. He is adept in the art of seduction and can lighten up your eyes with dreams of rainbow-colored hues or send thousands of bells chiming in your heart to the tune of love. In a world that is increasingly giving way to crass materialism and dry utilitarianism, it is only the seed of imagination in human hearts that is the last hope of a beautiful future.

However the flipside of a highly imaginative nature is the Piscean’s tendency to withdraw from the real world. If he has been deeply wounded by a person or experience, he is likely to remove himself from his immediate surroundings and take refuge in dreams, artistic pursuits or philanthropic work. While not all Pisceans are escapists, their idealistic bent often makes the harsh realities of this world extremely painful to bear. So if you are serious about a relationship with your Piscean guy, you need to understand that their occasional withdrawal from the daily world is not a way to distance himself from you. Rather it is the means to recharge himself emotionally so that he can come back to face the world with a stronger heart than before.

An amazing versatility marks out most Pisceans from the rest of the Zodiac. While Geminis have the energy to be involved in a number of things at the same time, Pisceans show a greater flair for various arts and activities. Thus your Piscean lover may be a good swimmer, work in a major publishing house, cook Thai food as a hobby as well as play the clarinet on weekends. Where you are concerned, a Piscean guy’s versatile skills means that you get to be wooed in so many different ways. Life with a Pisces partner is bound to be enriching and full of beautiful things to see and do.

While you may thank your stars to have a partner who is more emotionally responsive than other men, the same quality of a Pisces man can sometimes give way to an excessively touchy nature. He may get over-sensitive to anything said about or around him. Small unintentional acts on your part can set him off on a brooding, self-pitying or even a self-destructive episode. The lack of realism may be a handicap in dealing with the many trials of life. A Pisces is prone to lose himself in a dream world where the reality is according to his making. Absent-mindedness as well as a disorganized and fluctuating nature are the troubling hallmarks of this sign. So if you are a woman for whom the practical side of life, its securities and certainties take precedence over dreams and roses, perhaps a Piscean is not the right partner for you.

Also Pisceans can get bored or disillusioned in long term relationships When the gloss of a budding romance wears off and reality creeps, he may get discontented with the  tiffs and fights that characterize any day-to-day living for a couple.  Absolute commitment to a relationship is rarely possible for a Pisces man and sooner or later he will wish to hark back to the ideal world of never-ending romance, most often conjured up by movies or books and made up by the stuff of dreams.

However as an adaptable water sign, Pisceans are highly skilled in adjusting to changing circumstances. This particular Zodiac is symbolized by two fishes, swimming in opposite directions which indicate that Pisceans can change their directions to go along with the flow.  Despite their head being in the clouds sometimes, they are not to be labeled as merely failed idealists or wool-gatherers. Their adaptability together with a capacity of sensing a favorable opportunity and seizing it to their advantage account for several success stories among Pisceans who have made good in the real world. A Piscean works best with a partner who gives him the space he needs at times as well as the practical support to put his imagination in action.