Pisces - characteristics and profile of the Pisces man, woman, child and baby


Pisces (February 20 to March 20) is sometimes described as 'the poet's sign'. In reality very few poets have been pure Pisceans, but there is an element of vague dreaminess about some Pisceans which some people associate, almost certainly wrongly, with artistic and literary creativity. At best, the pure Piscean can be an artist, albeit one who is somewhat unworldly; at worst, he/she is an arty drop-out, enthusiastically seeking grants and subsidies from public bodies. Most pure Pisceans come somewhere between these two rather alarming extremes. They are amiable, kindly and, on occasion, a little devious, twisting and turning to find the easy way out of difficult situations. No one could legitimately accuse them of being self-centredquite the opposite. For some strongly Piscean individuals hardly seem to have a centre at all: their attitudes are always changing as the wind blows, and they are only consistent in that they always oppose 'spiritual' or 'aesthetic' values to the crass materialism which they believe to dominate others.


This sounds rather tiresome but, as a matter of fact, most Pisceans are immensely kindly and loving people. They give generously of their affections, sometimes unwisely so, and they thoroughly deserve the affection and regard they earn. The most strongly negative aspect of the Piscean personality is a tendency to be excessively influenced by others. If you meet an unpleasant Piscean (almost a contradiction in terms), he or she is almost certainly a tool of someone else. The Piscean is intrinsicallya thoroughly decent person, and if he/she behaves in a cruel or unpleasant way, you can be reasonably sure that the Piscean in question is being manipulated and is not acting in accordance with his/her basic feelings. Outstanding Pisceans have included the painter Renoir, the dancer Nijinsky, the composer Chopin, the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the novelist John Steinbeck.

Sexuality and the Emotions
The Piscean woman who displays the characteristics of her sign in their purest form is the Victorian ideal of femininity -loving, shy, submissive and anxious to please her partner. The Piscean male shares at least some of these characteristics and, if his partner is a person who enjoys a dominant role, can become that old comic butt, the hen-pecked husband. Pisceans of either sex tend to take a romantic approach to life and see virtues in those they love which are not always apparent to others. Sometimes this romanticism is difficult to reconcile with the practicalities of a long-term relationship, in which case the Piscean may concentrate his/her romantic longings on an outsider.

General Character
All pure Pisceans are kindly, caring and considerate people. There is nothing at all wrong in that, of course, but with all the Piscean sensitivity to the feelings, or supposed feelings, of others there goes a tendency to unworldliness and impracticality which is sometimes carried to foolish lengths. The combination of immense sensitivity, real kindness and lack of realistic common sense can be a very dangerous one. The pure Piscean always runs the risk of being exploited by those who would influence his/her delicacy of feeling and use it for their own ends. Pisceans must endeavour to avoid being treated in this way by being willing to consult others before uncritically accepting the truth of any and every sob story they are told.

There is a sense in which the Piscean wants to be the victim of the confidence-trickster; any individual whose horoscope is dominated by Piscean influences finds it difficult to take too much reality, and the conman's tale often provides a temporary escape - illusory but valuable to the pure Piscean - from harsh realities. The Piscean's flights of fantasy and torrents of emotion can, and often do, result in a rejection of everyday life and a withdrawal into a private world in which ambition and other material considerations play very little part. There can, however, be a positive side to the other-worldliness of the Piscean: all the Piscean faults become virtues; all the weaknesses are transformed into sources of strength. In such cases the 'pure Piscean channels hislher emotions and fantasy into creativity and becomes a poet, a painter, a musician or - Pisceans can be healers of genius - a psychotherapist or a mystic.

Pisceans are rarely motivated by either greed or ambition and they are happy in any field in which they are subject to neither rigid discipline nor major onslaughts on their emotions - no Piscean would wish to work as a prison officer or a slaughterer in an abattoir, for example.

Pure Pisceans are happiest in any job which is even vaguely connected with the arts - anything from being a ballet dancer to selling theatre programmes or acting as caretaker at an art gallery. Anywhere is home to a Piscean, as long as those with whom it is shared pay due regard to Piscean sensitivities.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.