Saturn in various signs.

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Saturn Aspects Moon - Conjunct - Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, is good for the parents, brings benefits to the native from them, and vice versa. It gives prudence, caution and circumspection; respect for law and order, with somewhat conservative tendencies. The native possesses the ability to organize and systematise; he combines self-reliance with subtlety and diplomacy; and influences other people easily, more by tact and method than by force.

Saturn Aspects Mercury - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect this will make the native very successful at some occupation of the third or sixth houses; he will gain power, responsibility or fame through writing, speaking, or in connection with intellectual work, drugs, hygiene, medical works. He will occupy some responsible post as agent, traveller or servant, or may himself have many such under him; and will exercise a good deal of power or authority in this way according to his position in life.

Saturn Aspects Venus - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect this is very good for money matters, giving a tendency to prudence, thriftiness, economy, and carefulness. It favours the accumulation and prevents the wasting of money. In some cases it will go rather too far in this direction, and result in a lack of generosity and a hoarding up of money approaching miserliness.

Saturn Aspects Sun - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In any aspect tends to give a strong personality, one who goes his own way irrespective of the feelings or desires of others, who is not affected by the protests or opinions of others, and who is with difficulty thwarted or turned aside. He is capable of organising, controlling, governing and directing others.

Saturn Aspects Mars - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

It is more than usually difficult to disentangle the good and evil effects in the aspects of these planets; and very much will depend upon the sign rising, and the genet al state of the horoscope, whether tending to good or evil. The trine is, of course, the best of the good aspects.

Saturn Aspects Jupiter - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

This combination of influences is most difficult to elucidate clearly. In good aspect, it is good for the occupations, pursuits, and general affairs of the four signs ruled by the planets, and for the houses in which they are placed, as well as those on the cusps of which the four signs are situated.

Saturn in the Seventh House

Saturn in the seventh house shows a faithful partner or marriage to a person older than the native. Saturn is exalted in Libra, and as this sign is equivalent to the seventh house Saturn in the seventh denotes faithfulness and sincerity on the part of the marriage partner. It does not give affection of the demonstrative and emotional order, but it makes love a duty and gives stability to the affections, which become permanent and enduring. If Saturn is much afflicted in this house then sorrow and grief may be expected in the married life.

Saturn in the Sixth House

Saturn in the sixth house is very unfavourable for health and denotes much sickness, which is often the result of circumstances and conditions over which the native has little or no control. It causes sickness through privation and want or neglect, and causes many sorrows and disappointments through the state of the health. If afflicted by Sun or Moon a chronic state of ill-health is shown. This position causes sickness through cold and inability to recuperate readily. It brings rheumatism and diseases that are difficult to cure.

Saturn in the Tenth House

Saturn in the tenth house denotes a precarious condition at some period of life. Saturn is essentially the planet of fate, and to all who are born with Saturn in the mid-heaven this text may be quoted---'And Satan took Him up into a high mountain and showed Him all these things.' The elevation of Saturn gives some power, pride, ambition, and persistent, desire for material objects and worldly welfare. If well aspected the native will rise by his own perseverance and industry far above the sphere into which he was born.

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