Saturn Aspects Mars - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Saturn Aspects Mars – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

It is more than usually difficult to disentangle the good and evil effects in the aspects of these planets; and very much will depend upon the sign rising, and the genet al state of the horoscope, whether tending to good or evil. The trine is, of course, the best of the good aspects. Some consider the square the worst of the evil aspects, while most incline to the opinion that the opposition is worse than the conjunction; bearing in mind what has been said of Saturn representing the mind and Mars the senses, the reason of the latter judgment will be at once apparent, for here they are in conflict, and discord must inevitably arise.

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In conjunction or had aspect there will be much ambition, and notoriety in some form, accompanied or followed sooner or later by danger, difficulty, and trouble to life and honour. It is bad for the parents: the death of one or both under painful circumstances is threatened; and there may be separation from, or disputes with, a parent. Wounds and accidents are threatened, and danger of sudden or violent death, either to the native or a parent. Danger of death from enemies or during war, or at the hands of the State, or while in the service of the State. The honour and reputation are imperilled: the native will meet with some great reversal or downfall; he will encounter hostility, opposition and criticism, even from his own friends, and the chances are he will not hold for long an honourable place in public opinion. He may not succeed at his occupation, and is sure to meet with serious difficulties in it. He either has few friends, or they -lay him false. There will be some severe complaint of any part of the body ruled by the four signs, or by the signs and houses in which the two planets are placed, and death may result from it. It is bad for peace of mind; the native is hot-headed and rash: the temper may range from mere recklessness or irritability (which may be partly hidden or overlaid by the influence of benefics) to anger, passion, and uncontrollable rage. If unmodified by other influences, the native is indifferent to the feelings of others, and will be hard, cruel, spiteful, and revengeful. It is bad for legacies (except perhaps the conjunction in a favourable sign) and brings trouble through companies, associations, societies, etc. : if either planet be well placed by sign or in a favourable house, however, much of the malice may be abated. In some cases, instead of the native suffering in the ways indicated above, he will himself be the cause of such suffering in others, e.g., instead of suffering from false friends, he may himself be a false friend, etc. In all cases note must be taken of the houses ruled by Saturn and Marc, since they will afford the key to the manner in which the latent disharmony will eventuate.

In the case of a good aspect, the worst results of the bad aspects will not be seen, but there will be a good deal in the character that is undesirable. It promotes ambition in the native, love of rule and mastery, bravery, carelessness both of his own safety and that of other people. Will face danger recklessly, either because he does not see it or has contempt for it. It hardens the nature somewhat, but gives great energy of a more or less turbulent and overbearing kind. If influencing the religion, this may make the native militant or fanatical, whether for or against. In mental signs similar characteristics will show, and it Saturn is strong by house or elevation, much subtlety will be added to the power of the aspect. Subtle to scheme, and quick to execute, the native will combine quickness or apparent changeableness with dogged perseverance. He will be a leader, a pioneer, daring and, it may be, over-bearing and contemptuous of others. This may help to lift him into fame, power, or prominence of some kind, but it is attended by undesirable circumstances or danger.

Most of what is here attributed to the good aspect may be seen in the case of bad aspects also, if the benefics are strong or elevated so as to tone down the more undesirable effects.