Saturn Aspects Sun - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Saturn Aspects Sun – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In any aspect tends to give a strong personality, one who goes his own way irrespective of the feelings or desires of others, who is not affected by the protests or opinions of others, and who is with difficulty thwarted or turned aside. He is capable of organising, controlling, governing and directing others. He is to some extent a natural leader; is subtle, often most so when seeming to be frankest, and does not mind isolation or positions of responsibility. He is ambitious, and if the tire and energy of Mars are added to the subtlety and controlling power of Saturn, nothing can turn him aside; he will work out his purposes successfully in the face of the greatest obstacles, and is certain to obtain leadership or mastery over others and positions of prominence or responsibility, even though in a small sphere. There is a tendency to pride, dignity and isolation, and to whatsoever lifts a man up or separates him from his fellows.

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In good aspect, his schemes, plots, and ambitions meet with success; he has much self-control, and the more undesirable Saturnian qualities may avoid expression. It brings the favour of superiors; the native will rise in life and associate with those somewhat above himself; he will be pretty sure to join some society or association or to form one of a group of persons banded together for a common purpose. In money matters it inclines to companies and rings, and slightly to partnerships; the native may be in partnership with his father or with one of his own sons; but if his own master he will rule autocratically, and take the advice of none. It brings benefits to sons, but limits the number of children. It favours money from the father. The native may obtain municipal or similar local honours.

In conjunction or bad aspect, the native is frequently confronted with obstacles and delay, and unless in mutual reception* it is very unfortunate for all things signified by the two planets, bringing misfortunes in business, loss of public favour, likelihood of the father's death, loss of father's money or separation from or disagreement with him; and the same of a child (probably son) : the native incurs opposition, enmity and jealousy; his ambitions are frequently thwarted, and he meets with reverses or downfall : he will be autocratic, boastful, selfish, or careless of the feelings of others, cold and unsympathetic. It has an injurious influence upon the heart and the vitality generally. It may bring the disfavour of others, social unpopularity, and the enmity of superiors and those in high positions.

Any aspect may incline to marriage or a love affair with one in a different position of life (probably higher, but sometimes lower). If bad, lack of sympathy and disharmony in love and marriage; the parent (probably father) may intervene to delay or break off a love affair. In any case there will be some little difference in age between husband and wife.