Saturn Aspects Venus - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Saturn Aspects Venus – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect this is very good for money matters, giving a tendency to prudence, thriftiness, economy, and carefulness. It favours the accumulation and prevents the wasting of money. In some cases it will go rather too far in this direction, and result in a lack of generosity and a hoarding up of money approaching miserliness. Money or property is acquired through the native's father, by his own exertions, or by marriage; also through occupations of the tenth and eleventh houses. There is considerable business ability and tact, and the native makes the best financial use of any occupation he may follow, or any opportunity he may have. He may be very successful as a financier, in either a small or a large way, depending upon the environment of birth. He gains through companies, societies, associations, banking, investments, etc.; generally speaking, through the aged, or those considerably older than himself, and through superiors in position. His gains do not come so much by favour as by method, by business instincts, prudent manipulations, or by mere inevitableness.

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There will be some little difference either in age or social position, or both, between the native and the marriage or business partner. The union will probably be with one in a higher social position: it may be for money or position or ambition; and will be brought about or assisted, directly or indirectly, by a parent, guardian or superior. There will be gain of friends by marriage. It is an aspect favourable for pleasure, social intercourse, and popularity; and it gives faithfulness in friendship and love. To a less extent, moreover, it favours the gain of money by superior positions or occupations coming under the ninth house; through friends of the mother, and through careful speculation for financial ends rather than for pleasure, though there may also be gain through occupations of the fifth house and of the earthy element; success in business or occupation through partnership or association with another person; partnership with the father or association with him in some pursuit or purpose; marriage with a relation; membership in societies or associations coming under the ninth house; good fortune, pecuniary and otherwise, for the children.

In bad aspect, all matters referred to under the good aspect suffer, and, generally speaking, all things signified by the four signs also. Money is lost through the parents (father) and occupation; little or none is inherited; severe loss in business, or even bankruptcy, is threatened. If the moral sense is deficient, which must be judged from the horoscope as a whole, there will be dishonesty: or if otherwise, the native will suffer through the dishonesty of others. Money is lost through investments, speculations, financial operations, companies, societies, farming, building; gardening. To a less extent, too, it is bad and brings loss through all occupations and matters of the fifth and ninth houses. It threatens unpopularity or hostility from some quarter: reversal, downfall, misfortune through elders, seniors, parents, and relatives: trouble in partnership and marriage; interference of parents, guardians, or seniors; marriage delayed or not contracted until over twenty-eight: trouble in marriage through difference in age or social or pecuniary position: trouble, financial or otherwise, through children and friends.

The conjunction is partly good and partly bad, and exhibits influences and characteristics from both; Venus benefiting Saturn, while Saturn impedes Venus.