Saturn Aspects Mercury - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Saturn Aspects Mercury – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect this will make the native very successful at some occupation of the third or sixth houses; he will gain power, responsibility or fame through writing, speaking, or in connection with intellectual work, drugs, hygiene, medical works. He will occupy some responsible post as agent, traveller or servant, or may himself have many such under him; and will exercise a good deal of power or authority in this way according to his position in life. Either lie himself or one of his brothers or sisters will rise considerably above the ordinary in capacity for education, intellectual ability, or some matter of the third or sixth houses.

This is a good influence for the mind, memory, and reasoning powers; it gives orderliness and method. The native will make friends and acquaintances among people whose character or pursuits come under the third or sixth houses and to a less degree the ninth. He will belong to, or be associated with, or start, some club. society, association or union coming under the third or sixth houses, or to a less degree the ninth, and may be of some importance therein: will be secretary, servant, agent, or representative in some way for his father, or will be associated in occupation with a brother or sister; but if so there is unlikely to be equality between them, for one will dominate the other. He may derive benefit from drugs; will be cleanly in habits, and observant of sanitation; and very particular with regard to food. He will have others under him; will pull the strings and direct others.

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May own or have to do with merchant vessels, means of transport by short journeys, vehicles, post-office, telegraph, and general affairs of the third house, also the distribution of food-products, drugs, and affairs of the sixth house. He will be a vigorous and capable master of his servants and those under him, exercising both persuasion and compulsion.

In a slighter degree such aspect gives the possibility of a legacy from brethren or friends, or money by association with them, and from societies, clubs, etc. It inclines slightly to travelling, more especially in connection with business, but chiefly to intellectual pursuits. The native is an investigator of mystical or occult subjects; may possess psychic powers of some kind, more or less mental; and may gain some eminence, responsibility or mastery in religious matters or affairs of the ninth house, probably as agent or superintendent for another. Will study or write on subjects coming under the ninth house, and will travel because of eleventh house matters.

The conjunction is partly evil but not wholly so, and is distinctly beneficial for the mind, making it concentrative, careful and precise. Two planets like these that have their houses in trine cannot be altogether evil when in conjunction. This influence would seem to be intermediate between the good and evil aspects. The same remarks apply to the conjunction of Saturn and Venus.

In bad aspect, matters signified by the four signs ruled by the planets suffer; misfortune, hindrances and obstacles attend these activities. Native will be very ambitious in spheres of activity coming under the eleventh, third and sixth houses, and may exhibit much selfishness and desire for mastery. His desires in these respects are frequently thwarted and often entirely overthrown. He meets with much criticism and opposition, open or hidden, and will suffer from slanders, false reports, back-biting, forged letters or documents, unfriendly writings, etc.; or may himself descend to these methods. There will be trouble in his education and all matters pertaining to school, study and books. The death of father or brethren, or their ill-health, or separation or estrangement from them, will occasion him sorrow or loss. The aspect is bad for digestion, and may cause affections of the bowels or digestive tracts, or, to a less degree, of any part of the body signified by the houses of the planets. It causes trouble between master and servant; the native will be for long in a relatively subordinate position, or, if a master, will suffer through those under him: he will be a strict and harsh master, or will suffer under one himself. It brings trouble through false friends, societies, associations; also from servants, messengers, travellers, and generally through people following any occupation of the four signs ruled by the planets; and to a less extent from the ninth house.