Saturn Aspects Moon - Conjunct - Sextile, Trine and Square


Saturn Aspects Moon – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, is good for the parents, brings benefits to the native from them, and vice versa. It gives prudence, caution and circumspection; respect for law and order, with somewhat conservative tendencies. The native possesses the ability to organize and systematise; he combines self-reliance with subtlety and diplomacy; and influences other people easily, more by tact and method than by force. It is favourable for public advancement, for success in the occupation, or the attainment of posts of responsibility, and for gaining the respect of people generally. It is beneficial for matters and occupations of the fourth, tenth and eleventh houses. To a less extent it favours marriage and partnership, in which the approval or help of parents, seniors or friends, public repute or official position play a part: but there will be some difference in age, tastes or position between the native and his partner. It slightly favours legacies from parents.

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In conjunction or bad aspect, it is bad for parents and for the native's associations with them, whether natural parents, step-parents, or those of the marriage partner; one of them may be sickly or may die early, or there may be separation or differences of opinion or tastes, either between the parents themselves or the native and one or both of the parents. (In some cases it accompanies illegitimate birth, although if taken alone it would not be a sufficient indication, of course.) It is very unfortunate for affairs and occupations of the fourth, tenth and eleventh houses, and trouble is certain to arise through them. The native's good name will be in danger at some time of life; he may suffer from slander or public attacks or open opposition or persecution; something will be done or said by himself or others to bring him into disrepute and obloquy, and he may be in danger of imprisonment. He meets with frequent reversals and rebuffs; his undertakings do not succeed; he incurs the disapprobation of seniors, and may meet with a great downfall, while the latter part of life is likely to be unfortunate or full of disappointment. His greatest success or highest rise is quickly followed by failure or downfall, or is thwarted by death. There will be a good deal of selfishness, strong personal ambition, and love of mastery in his character, and he will work subtly and sometimes unscrupulously or dishonestly. in some cases this influence merely keeps the native relatively in the background or in obscurity, often afflicting him with despondency and self-mistrust; while in others he will be lifted up in the world, and for a time may attain his highest ambition, though this is generally quickly followed by reversal; which of these two will occur must of course be judged from the sign occupied, the other lunar aspects, and the horoscope as a whole. It may produce a disorder of some part of the body according to the signs or houses in which the planets are placed: it sometimes causes cancer. It may bring trouble through friends, societies and companies. To a less extent it is unfavourable for marriage and legacies.