Saturn Aspects Jupiter - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Saturn Aspects Jupiter – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

This combination of influences is most difficult to elucidate clearly. In good aspect, it is good for the occupations, pursuits, and general affairs of the four signs ruled by the planets, and for the houses in which they are placed, as well as those on the cusps of which the four signs are situated. It is fortunate for money and possessions derived from any of these sources, and gives some desire for respectability and for the good opinion of the world. The native wishes to stand well with superiors, elders, and those around him, and will generally succeed in this. He will have independence and originality, and yet defer a good deal to custom and formality. He is likely to rise in religious or political spheres, and he has considerable ambition, but unless Jupiter is very strong there is some likelihood of his religion being tinged with unorthodoxy, which may have its origin from a variety of sources—doubt, indifference, self-seeking, ambition, worldliness, deep thought, or pessimism.

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It gives much strength of character, and ability to overcome obstacles. There is likelihood of long journeys or voyages, and of acquaintances or friends abroad; his occupation will take the native abroad, or he will have to do with a foreign country; he may also travel with or for friends, or on account of matters rising out of the twelfth house. It upholds the native's credit and reputation, helps to uplift him in the world, and to give honour, esteem, and general prosperity: there is a good deal of self' in the aspect, although it is modified by the justice, benevolence and devotion of Jupiter. He gains through the father, or sometimes the father through him, and it tends generally to make the relations of the two to one another satisfactory, He gains the respect of friends, who are usually honourable and of good class. His fortune through societies, associations, and companies is good, both pecuniarily and otherwise. The effect of this aspect varies, being in some horoscopes democratic and others aristocratic; but it is a very good influence for any man holding a public position or appointment, whether among the classes or the masses. Similarly, the native may follow either a great and public career, or one just the reverse, obscure, humble or plebeian; but in either case he will acquit himself worthily. It diminishes the likelihood of enemies and of harm from them, and upholds the native in adversity. He will receive or bestow, according to the station in life, charity and benevolence; and good arising out of homes, hospitals, and other medical, religious or charitable institutions will form a feature in his career. To a less degree it is good for matters in the third house, in so far as these are not contradicted by the four signs ruled by the planets. It inclines slightly to travelling; and is also slightly good for writings, mental ability, capacity for education, etc. Whether the aspect makes for a public and honoured, or merely an obscure but worthy existence, must of course be judged, in this, as in other cases, by the horoscope as a whole, and by the solar aspects, etc.; also according as the aspect in question comes from cardinal, succedent, or cadent houses, and according to which planet (if either) is above the horizon.

The conjunction is generally considered benefic; but it seems open to doubt whether it is uniformly so under all circumstances; and a good deal must depen6 upon which planet of the two is the stronger by sign.

In bad aspect this combination brings obstacles and misfortune through the four. signs ruled. It is unfortunate for money and occupation, especially any coming under these signs, more particularly if either sign is on the cusp of the second house. It threatens a downfall in the world through loss of money or credit, and trouble, pecuniary or otherwise, through the father. There will be social difficulties and trouble through societies, companies, friends, and matters of the eleventh house. The native is never or seldom orthodox in religion, and there are troubles indicated in connection with study, education, travel, voyaging; also matter's of the twelfth house, enmity, opposition, treachery. In some cases he will be in danger of prison, or will be supported by charity or be the inmate of a workhouse or charitable institution.