Gifts for Scorpio Women


A Scorpio is one of the most complicated signs in the Zodiac. Born between 23rd October and 21st November, these people are intelligent, passionate but also possessive and sometimes vindictive. Here are thus a few things to keep in mind when choosing gifts for Scorpio women.

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A hint of mystery

Scorpios are well known for their secrecy. Despite the fact that they feel and believe strongly, they are able to hide their emotions beneath a calm and deliberate exterior. This combined with their essentially powerful personalities makes a Scorpio woman the embodiment of feminine mystique, an almost femme fatale figure. So when choosing a clothing or accessory for your Scorpio woman, highlight the enigma that she is – gift her a cape or wrap which complements a multi-layered personality. You can also go for designer sunglasses or elegant gloves which heighten the feeling of delicious mystery. Opt for colors like black, purple and maroon which evoke passion and mystery when selecting an apparel or accessory for your Scorpio woman. She'll also like "spy gadgets" that serve a practical purpose while appealing to her love of mystery, such as a multi-function watch, a secret voice recorder or penlight. However you can also go for something personal and romantic as jewelry as gift for your Scorpio woman. Since the birthstone for this sign is turquoise, a locket or a pair of ear studs made from the stone would be appropriate. While a Scorpio, unlike a Taurus or Leo, is not so much concerned with the material worth of a gift, she has a keenly perceptive nature. So always ensure that your gift is of the highest quality. Anything cheap and shoddy will not only be dismissed by your girlfriend but she is unlikely to give you a second chance to impress her.

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Power accessories

The Scorpio woman is rather particular about her accessories; she feels that whatever she wears should convey the power and confidence of her personality. Thus for a gift, she is likely to appreciate a fine leather briefcase, passport holder, purse or wallet that will be noticeable in the workplace. Since a Scorpio is passionate about all that she does, any gift that will help to enhance her job performance or education, or one that will make her more skilled at her hobbies and personal interests, is appropriate for women of this zodiac sign. In fact such power accessories make ideal gift choices for a Scorpio woman who is not a partner, like maybe a boss, an employee, an aunt or a neighbor.

Books and DVDS

When a Scorpio woman is not being mysterious herself, she will be happy solving a mystery during her leisure. Thus thriller novels and detective fiction may prove highly interesting gifts if your girlfriend likes books. For an audio-visual experience, you can consider gifting her a special edition classic thriller like The Hound of Baskervilles or perhaps the entire Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot series if she is an Agatha Christie fan. For a woman of more modern tastes, look for cult movies from the Mission Impossible or The Jason Bourne series. Novels filled with exotic locations, mysterious characters and a touch of dangerous romance can also make enjoyable gifts for Scorpio women who are fond of the written word.

Mystical aids

Scorpios have an uncanny knack of looking straight into the heart of people and learning the truth about them. So despite a quiet and collected exterior, your Scorpio woman may often surprise you with an ability to judge the person before her with an amazing acuity. It is perhaps this curious ability which has lent shades of the psychic and occult to the bearers of the sign and particularly its women. You can appeal to this side of her personality with gifts like a deck of tarot cards, a book on dream interpretation, a treatise on numerology to learn her life cycle or a book on astrology to learn more about her compatible mate.

Fragrances to suit the personality

Passionate is a key word when describing a Scorpio woman and she will appreciate gifts that celebrate her sexual allure without exploiting it. And of the best gifts in this vein would be fragrances to suit her personality. Perfumes with Oriental scents are perfect for such attractive women who are confident of their sexual magnetism. This type of fragrance is warm, rich and sensual and usually made from a seductive blend of incense, amber, spices, balsam and resins. Opium from Yves Saint Laurent and Obsession from Calvin Klein are examples of women’s perfumes with Oriental fragrances. Yet another great gift option for your Scorpio partner would be sexy lingerie. Think about smothering her in soft luxurious fabrics, like lace undergarments and satin nightwear. An elegant garter belt with black seamed nylons and paired with black leather spiked boots would definitely bring out her inner diva. Let her feel the supple movement of leather along her body with the gift of a pair of leather pants, a leather jacket or a lace up leather corset. There is something about leather that perfectly embodies the strong sensuality of Scorpio women and you would go a long way in endearing yourself to them with a quality gift in this line.

Games for intimacy

Physical intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship with Scorpios. For a woman who feels as strongly as she does, it is only natural that her emotions will find expression in physical passion too. Sex is likely to be wild and fun with your Scorpio girlfriend and a great way to put her in the mood would be with some intimate games for couples. Gift her a Sexy scrabble which allows the use of only erotic words or present her with an out-and-out adult board game like Embrace. Apart from the strip versions of popular games like Poker, Checkers and Twister, you can also buy her games which specifically cater to the fantasies of lovers. An apt game to gift and play with your girlfriend would be the adult version of Scavenger Hunt since apart from including a lot of sexual frolic, this would appeal to the mystery-loving Scorpio personality. So  leave clues for your partner all over the house and let one hint lead to the next. Make the hints as romantic as possible and let the last clue lead to the bedroom.