The Three Decans of Scorpio


The first decan of Scorpio is ruled by Mars.

The nature is a strong, forceful, energetic one, capable of immense feats of prowess, of endurance and courage. In strife, the native is implacable and dauntless, scorning defeat and danger of reversal. The ambitions are high; the spirit of conquest strong; the will is not less exalted and powerful. Strange and impulsive love affairs, sickness, caused through indiscretion or excess, are the fruits of this decan; but the native has faithful servants, and is born. in most cases, to command.

The second decan of Scorpio is ruled by Sun.

Honours and dignities await the native of this decan. It is replete with masterful and governing qualities. Proud and haughty of spirit, the native bears high rule, and may become tyrannical. The nature is capable of extreme cruelty, unless a strong guiding hand is over it when young. Fame, or a less honourable reputation, is sure to fall to the native of this decan.

The third decan of Scorpio is ruled by Venus.

The nature is prone to excess and folly in love affairs. The passions need to be bridled. Many enemies arise against the native, and secret enmity from females may be expected. In marriage there 'will be trouble.' The passions are quick and volatile, and the nature is capable of great passionate devotion, which, however, is liable to bring disastrous results.